Gosh, it feels like a while since I posted an actual blog post. It’s been a busy week and the week ahead isn’t looking much better but there is light at the end of the tunnel. After hoping for a great Christmas it was not what was planned but I did have some highlights and one in particular. In the photo today I am wearing a beautiful necklace that Mr M commissioned for me for my Christmas gift. You will see this a lot in my pictures as I won’t be taking it off and it’s far more than a necklace. It’s a symbol of our commitment as a couple and my submission to him as my Dominant.
I don’t really talk about this aspect of my personality…mainly because in the past I’ve never found myself in a relationship with a Dominant who was on the same wavelength as me but could also handle my areas of independence outside of the relationship. Mr M has been a revelation to me. He truly guides me, teaches me, demonstrates the loyalty I deserve, and he expects, in everything he does every day. He’s opened my eyes to aspects of my character as a woman and as a submissive that I was unaware of, or ignored, and has lit a spark in me that I didn’t believe I had anymore. He makes me believe in myself and in return I have complete faith and trust in him. He has slowly captured my heart with every word and action of the last 6 months and I love and adore him for his patience and strength of will. I feel stronger because I gain strength from him. I know how it feels to be truly cared for, loved and respected and I am deliriously happy and honoured to wear his collar.

What I am blogging today:
I was lucky enough to check out one of the latest releases in the new LeLutka Evolution range a few weeks ago, Erin. So when I was able to try Nova today I dived straight in and fell instantly in love. Now, I’m a LeLutka girl through and through for numerous reasons so of course, I was going to love the product regardless but honestly, I’m so excited about Nova. I am wearing one of the specially designed faces from Glam Affair that Aida has created for these two new heads and that has a special place for me too as it’s named Becca, my youngest daughter’s name.
I fully intend to do a more detailed post in the next week about the new releases, the updates, the Glam Affair skins and the new HUD layout but for now, I just want to show off the new Kess!

*Head – LeLutka – Nova 1.0 **NEW** Coming Soon to the LeLutka Mainstore

*Skin  – Glam Affair – Becca **NEW** Coming Soon to the Glam Affair Mainstore

Piercings – [ kunst ] – Basil set

*Hair – Stealthic – Devotion **NEW** at Mainstore

Necklace – Dahlia – Sentiment Necklace – Kess & Mac

*Jacket – Blueberry – Dynamite – Jackets with Pockets **NEW** at Mainstore

*Pants – Blueberry – Dynamite – Leggings – Leather **NEW** at Mainstore

Pose – Ana Poses – Russian Doll **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

One thought on “SuperNova

  1. You look absolutely stunning and makes me want to try the Lelukta head. I am also very happy to read that you have found some peace and a better understanding of yourself 🙂


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