The Tale of the Weary Gardener

Normally I’d be looking forward to opening a bottle of wine tonight and relaxing a little. However I’m on a course of strong antibiotics for a tooth infection and I’m under strict rules not to drink. 

I work with doctors all day and when one of them asked how my tooth was on Monday, as I returned from a dentist visit, I showed her the antibiotics I had been prescribed. “Don’t drink” she said immediately. I gave her that look we all give doctors when they tell us not to do something we surely intend to keep doing. “No! I’m serious! You cannot drink with those”

She then went on to explain that the antibiotic has a double use. It’s also used as a drug to supress alchohol intake for people with an alcohol misuse issue. Apparently even a whiff of wine will have me feeling awful (more awful than having had a toothache for a month!). She said you will be, and she’s a Consultant so this must be a technical term, “sick as a dog”. 

So long story short, no boozed up weekend ahead for me. Let’s hope it at least stops the tooth pain! 

What I am blogging today:
More new goodies from Nutmeg and this time it’s as if Neva read my mind. I’ve been working on the outdoor area of the house this last week and had just put in the old garden greenhouse from keke and was looking at how I was going to decorate the area out of that. Then Nutmeg literally landed the answer into my inbox with this Garden Bench. There are lots of options, with and without dirt and blankets plus loose blanket piles and the Leather bag as a bonus option. 


*Nutmeg. Leather Bag Bone Bonus Item LI: 2 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Garden Bench w/Blanket Pile A (Dirt Legs)
*Nutmeg. Blanket Pile / 1 LI: 4 17_

8f8 – New Beginnings – Geese LI: 5

*Granola. Stay Bumble Clothesline. JUNE GG. LI: 3
*Granola. Clean Bee Hive 1. LI: 2
*Granola. Hen Home. RARE. LI: 7

Kalopsia – Sycamore Leaves Flying LI: 2

[ keke ] old garden greenhouse LI: 30
[ keke ] spring leaves 2 . L . hard LI: 1

PILOT – Garden Tools LI: 1
PILOT – Garden Supplies LI: 1

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