SL Calendar Guys – March 2020

The boys group, albeit the newest of the calendar groups, is really going from strength to strength and it really has become one of the highlights of the month to go through this group choosing the images. The variety and number of images being added by so many different amazing photographers and bloggers amazes me. The link to the group is below so please encourage your friends with male avatars to join the group and add their amazing images. The quality level has been very high so far so it’s already a challenge to choose my favourites. Here’s the group: SL Calendar Guys

And here is the selection of photos for March 2020:

You come in waves by Ric Applewhyte

SL Manwhore(s) by Lofa Iqah

He is mine by Jaqcuis Encargues

#138 - He is mine!

291 by Connor Reid


J’adore by Marked Life

⚡ J'adore....

Mayhem by Roman Godde




Urban Look by RM

◤Urban Look◢ #2

405 by Insociable

[ 📷 - 405 ]

Beautiful Dady by Mark Aji

Beautiful Day

What you need by Summer Salt

Neo Japan 2020 by Kn0ck 0ut


A long road by Vladimir Deed

A Long Road

Night Shine by Dahvie Gloom

Night Shine.

I am not a guy who makes… by Mauro Rosenfeld

I am not a guy who makes new friends easily

untitled by Justin McAvoy


My Adam by Ari Danvers

My Aᴅᴀᴍ 💕

welcome to the circus by Casper Khan

W e l c o m e  t o  t h e  c i r c u s

savage anthem by Reece Arias Eaton

savage anthem

Closed for Business by Grant Valeska

BLOND | Closed for Business.

063 by Pedro

Look # 063

Smile, baby by Wes Skyther


All the simple things by Caesar Langer

All The Simple Things

You can call me artist by Hikaru Enimo

You can call me artist..............

Body talk by TheJayce

Body Talk

Bad Genes by Wolvern Vilkas

...Bad Genes...

Villain of my own Story by Sora Fujisaki

Villain Of My Own Story

On paper my future will lay… by Trouble Dethly

On Paper My Future Will Lay, I'll Fold Every Failure Into A Crane

74 by Mr Showman


he loves me… by Babylon

he loves me, he loves u not ♪

Wish I could erase… by Hayden Pierce

"Wish I could erase my memories...

Unconditional love by Vherok

Unconditional Love

Case by Sylvia Olivier


The truth of your character… by Sonic

тнє тяυтн σƒ уσυя cнαяαcтєя ιѕ єχρяєѕѕє∂ тняσυgн тнє cнσιcє σƒ уσυя αcтισηѕ...

You are… by Elizabeth Jewell

You are ...

I am more than what you see by Nouvelle

I Am More Than What You See...

Posté comme un grizzly by ARnnO PLAneR

Posté comme un grizzly

Reach out I’ll be there by Black

Reach out I'll be there

63 by Authentic Man

#AuthMan63 || Man Cave || EBento

I could walk the world forever, … by Levi Megadon

I could walk the world forever, Till my shoes were filled with blood, It's not enough

blogger by Mau Yakusa

LOTD ♛ 293 ♛

How can you mend a broken heart by Prophet

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

da Vinci… by Patrick of Ireland

ϕ da Vinci - Patient 1.618 ϕ

Because the world… by Heloq Tomsen

Because the world does not belong to us

Timeless by Arte White

Infiltrate by Static Frenzy


Close Up by LEVIN Pearl

Close up

tears in heaven by Connor Sauber

tears in heaven

You knew it was coming… by BRRO

You knew it was coming either way

machete by Twettyna Bowdit


Fading Hopes by Dabs

Fading Hopes

Rainy days and Mondays by Titus Palmira

Rainy days and mondays

307 by Alegria

- 307 -

Euphory by Zain Harrington-Garzo


Fountain of Sorrow by Tory King

Fountain of Sorrow

Galaxy by Darkyn Dover Darkyn


534 by Renan Mckeenan

LOTD #534

Don’t be afraid by A.Salvatore

ᴅᴏɴᴛ ʙᴇ ᴀғʀᴀɪᴅ ..

Welcome to the panic room by Elijah J.Q

⚜️ Welcome to the panic room.

A simple man… by David Holfe

#312.- A simple man with simple desire..

The music plays on the way by Scott Lehnen

The music plays on the way

Reborn by Markel Kenzo


Wait by Gavin Dionysus


1177 by Edumetal Lavarock

I don’t know what’s… by Marc Cyrado

Polaroids and outcast…. by Damien Crow

"Polaroids and outcast.................................."

Periscope by Anais Maelle


Solitary Man by Yan Haalan

Solitary Man

untitled by Douglas Smitt

☆ New Blog Post ☆

untitled by Jusin McAvoy


White by UXIU


Skin to skin… by Hardin Bass

Skin to skin, breathe me in.

Fight so dirty…. by Mr Wolf

A dreamer by Bhre Wirabhumi

A dreamer

Outlaw by Sander Sunborne


Feelings by Mr Showman

Feelings... Featured NEW Lelutka Skyler @ Skin Fair

bad to the bone by LEVIN Pearl

bad to the bone

Tell me you love me by Fewn Zanni

concrete by creepy wolff


03 by Scott Walker

208 by The Warrior of Light

♛LOTD 208♛

Urban Spirits by Wolvern Vilkas

...Urban Spirits...

Levels of Lucidity by Kavika Lowgun

Black as the devil… by Gentle Monster

Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.

11701 by Edumetal Lavarock

Even Flow by The Sacrilege


Shadows by Cody Yamabushi


Facing March by Skip Staheli

Skip~Facing March...

untitled by Doug Morlim Boss


1111 by Nospherato Destiny

† 1111 †

Don’t wake me up by TheJayce

Don't Wake Me Up

I am sick by Azazel Skarsgard

- I am Sick

Do it like a dude by Murilo Tempest

Do It Like A Dude ♫♪

522 by Renan Mckeenan

LOTD #522

03 by Mister Kane


Snitches Excuse Me… by Bear Starr

Snitches Excuse Me, Mind Your Business, Bruh

270 by XxSHIONxX


Fisticuffs by Imperial ams


I’m powerless in your slavery by Hikaru Enimo

I'm powerless in your slavery............

Moonlight by Summer Salt


But I’m only human… by Belchior Trevert

[But I'm only human after all]

Best friends by Kaiden Tray

Best friends

Run by Markel Kenzo


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