SL Calendar Guys – The Final Twelve 2020

Welcome to the Final Twelve of the SL Calendar Guys for the second year. The group continues to go from strength to strength and whilst the number of submissions is less that the sister group, Calendar Girls, the quality remains extremely high. All of that making it super hard to choose the selections each month and even harder to choose the final twelve for the calendar that you see here.

One photo from each of the twelve months blog posts has been selected. If you would like to see the full post for the month that the selection is from just click on the month title and it will open up for you.

So, without further adieu, here is the SL Calendar Guys Calendar 2020:

January 2020

untitled by Justin McAvoy

February 2020

Well, are you mine? by Vlad Sharktooth

Well, are you mine?

March 2020

Solitary Man by Yan Haalan

Solitary Man

April 2020

End of Days by Skip Staheli

Skip~End of Days

May 2020

104 by Pedro

June 2020

Dark Seeker by Wolvern Vilkas

...Dark Seeker...

July 2020

Ashore by Adam Cayden


August 2020

See right through you by Czar Fenris

September 2020

by Panda Banana

[ 📷 - 760 ]

October 2020

1414 by Edumetal Lavarock


November 2020

Stray Dog by Kn0ck 0ut

Stray Dog Jah Tone 10

December 2020

Vile by Kimmy Clementine

littleaxolotl_VILE Shape (Lelu Evo Connor 2.5)

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