Curiosity Lake

“Every day you learn something new”. While a lot of phrases and sayings like that aren’t always completely true I firmly believe in this one. Today I found out that I had been spelling the word ‘curiosity’ incorrectly for my entire life. I honestly thought it was one of those words that Americans dropped the ‘u’ in and that the correct English was ‘curiousity’. Apparently not.

I found this out when I tried to look up the landmark to my sister’s sim, Curiosity Lake, that she has opened to the public.

I have been meaning to get over to the sim all week and have been getting a bit frustrated with myself for not doing it. Many years ago Sady had landscaped and decorated a sim for me called  TaKe Heart. She did amazing with it and I encouraged her then to go into the landscaping and decorating business. She is one of the first landscapers that I studied…that made me realise you can use things in ways that are different to what the creator envisaged…and produce something unique and different in the process.

I also wanted to get over there to get some pics and write a blog post because A) she’s my sister and I want to support her work and B) she is always the first person to support mine. She was one of the very first people at Snowdrops to take photos and help spread the word. I wanted to return that favour. Finally today I am able to do that.

Curiosity Lake is terraformed to perfection. Sady has a beautiful way of sculpting land mass with inlets and curves and producing a seamless landscape that flows from one area to the next. There are hills and slopes…no huge flat areas…it’s all very natural and something that’s easy to miss because of how organic it feels. It takes a lot of skill and she’s done it exceptionally.

There are several sturdy cottages and houses around, all decorated with skill and an eye for detail and some ‘Sady Style Suprises’…like the gnome in the toilet. She really puts her stamp on the decor in each place. Admittedly there is one cabin that has my stamp on it as she told me she was using one of my builds as inspiration for the decor. I won’t reveal which one but she’s done an excellent job on capturing the same vibe.

In one area of the sim there is a an outdoor, camping feel with a treehouse and camper van build which really work extradordinarily well with the whole feel and atmosphere of the sim.

Overall she’s done an incredible job and whether you just want to hangout on your own, or with friends, or take photos, or to go snoop and get some incredible ideas on how to create beautiful space in Second Life then Curiosity Lake is worth the visit.

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