No Time for Fairweather Friends

No Time for Fairweather Friends

I adore my close girl friends circle. Now, I've been in SL a long time...coming up on 10 years in November and SL friendships have come and gone for lots of different reasons. My close friends circle have all been round the block a few times too....none of us are newbies when it comes to [...]

How Much Solitude Should One Seek in a Social Virtual Reality World?

Sometimes I want to be alone in Second Life. Now, it's true that sometimes that is because I withdraw when things are bothering me and sometimes it's just because I like the peace and quiet. Many of us treat SL as a bit of an escape and the things we can be trying to escape [...]

All Good Girls Really Want a Swamp…Don’t they?

Once upon a time there was a girl with a vision. She had seen other girls playing with their beaches and forests and she wanted something to play with herself. But this girl wanted to be different. She wanted a swamp. She wanted the grit, the murkiness and dankness of a living, breathing swamp. While [...]