SL Calendar Girls – December 2020

Welcome to SL Calendar Girls December 2020 selection.

Now we’re in the start of 2021 it’s time to wrap up 2020 with the final monthly selection of the year and soon the final 12…one picture from each month to represent the final ‘Calendar’. Last week we launched the new face of Calendar Girls for 2021 which was a stunning photo by the always gorgeous Hara. I hope you all agree that she was a very worthy winner of the cover for the year ahead.

As mentioned last month, I can no longer link photos marked as moderate on Flickr directly into the blog. Which sucks, there is a workaround which I have done for a couple of photos but as a general rule only safe photos will be able to shown in the selection moving forward. Which is kind of sad cos many of the great photos I see in the group aren’t strictly safe photos and we know we all have to be careful not to enrage the Flickr Gods when uploading our photos there. I will continue to use the workaround for any that I think the list cannot be complete without!

Anyways, another amazing month with tons of creative and talented photographers appearing on the list, many for the first time, or the first time in a long while.

Here is the December 2020 selection:

Little Beansprout by Kayotica

Little Beansprout

La rose éternelle by Amberly

La rose éternelle

Que o novo ano comece sendo abençoad… by Sara Baez

Que o novo ano comece sendo abençoado por Deus e que nossos passos e decisões sejam guiados e protegidos por Ele. Feliz Ano Novo!

Havardur by Diana


Mood Snow by Lenn MadnessJoy

Mood Snow - ☃❄

Wild Thoughts by Tarja Haven

Wild Thoughts

Playing with Fire by Bambi

Playing with fire

Goodbye, 2020 by Euryale

Goodbye, 2020

My Own Spring by UMA

Aren’t we all Sinners by Franch Mahler

Aren’t we all sinners?

ships are launching from my chest by Moth Aurelia

ships are launching from my chest.

untitled by Mia


untitled by Sia Nova


Your greedy eyes upon me by Twizsted Cyanide

Face of Calendar Girls Entry by Hayyz Heavenly

#FaceOfCalendarGirls2021 - Hayyz Heavenly

untitled by Deso K


Hope by Allysa Messmer

Hoping for a bright future by aver osk

hoping for a bright future

Under my Skin by Ewa Bloodrose

Under my skin.

Bittersweet by Sorcha Tyles

I wanna be by Kitty Vicious

I wanna be...

it’sagirl487 by Manu Denimore


untitled by Ella Pavlona


She smells of perfume and sex by Aleksandra RomanovA

Face of Calendar Girls 2021 by Aradhelia Diavolo


Endless Love by Ruby Riotz

Endless Love

205 by Baby Pancake

(っ^▿^)۶ Post #205 ٩(˘◡˘ )

untitled by Miss Mild


I try my best to make it better by Maria DellaCroix

I try my best to make it better-

a million reasons by Claudia Orsini

Happy New YOU by Malvene

Happy new YOU!

Lady of the Butterflies by Yuki

• Lady of the Butterflies •

My Favourite Things by Rina Edenflower

♪ My Favourite Things

The Belvedere Hotel by Nuria Niven

#420 The Belvedere Hotel

The ranger by The Hendes

The ranger...

A cup of tea is like a hug by Emelia Faye

A cup of tea is like a hug.

Mom’s Calling by Pastel

Mom's Calling.

Face of Calendar Girls 2021 by Xana Newall

Se7en +799 by Fine Frankel

Se7en +799

Quelqu’un m’a dit… by Gara Beck

201225-Ludi-1 by Ludi Taurus


Happy Friendly Xmas by Lita Menges

Happy Friendly XMas

kakaw by kakaw Denimore

kakaw by Aylo/Wish you all happy holidays♥

Been an awful good girl by Love Trill

Been an awful good girl 🎅

Solitary Christmas by Kurimu Kuma

Solitary Christmas

untitled by Lan


Now you can sigh by KiB

Now you can sigh

316 by Dolce Kira

L㊉㊉Ҟ✿ 316

my peace by Ara Voxel

#876 m y p e a c e

I’d sell my soul, for you, babe… by A Frith

It is Christmas in the heart… by Kimmy Ridley

"It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air."  - W. T. Ellis

We are slowed down… by Sonic

Ɯє αяє ѕƖσωєɗ ɗσωη ѕσυηɗ αηɗ Ɩιgнт ωανєѕ, α ωαƖкιηg вυηɗƖє σf fяєqυєηcιєѕ тυηєɗ ιηтσ тнє cσѕмσѕ...AƖвєят Ɛιηѕтєιη

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays by Aria Christen

1191 - merry christmas & happy holidays

College Girls by Any Moonwall

"College girls"

Santa Claus is coming to town by Mya Audebarn

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

untitled by Anais Maelle


A song of ice and fire by Henkiss

#260 A Song of Ice and Fire

Last Night at Drune by Abyss Artful

I’ve been waiting here all night by Bruna Shelford

I've been waiting here all night

Losing you, one day at a time by PJ Blackherz

Dance to your own beat by Seema S

Dance to your own beat .....

I will be your lighthouse by Samanthe Mirror

I will be your lighthouse

untitled by Sia Nova

. . . .

Celebrate by Teej


Merry X mas by Lona Lenroy

Merry X mas ♥ my friends - BRB

Mein Weihnachtsengel by LEVIN Pearl

Second Submission… by Sorcha Tyles

Second submission for the Winter Soirée..

Cast your soul to the sea by Leanne Mordue

875 by Ara Voxel


Don’t torment yourself… by Aleksandra RomanovA

Can I be your boo?… by viv

Frozen Toes by Rowan Elise

Frozen Toes.

Not a creature was stirring… by Melly Clarrington

Not a creature was stirring... except the last minute online shopper

045 by KOU


Feel Something by Lya Seerose

Feel something

Snowflake by EXIS


Christmas Decorating by Hara

Christmas decorating

Cold by Coqueta Georgia


Still Feel It by Talilah Callisto

angels among us by val xox

angels among us

I love the way you hate me by IMO

I Love the way you hate me 😈

I see the light by Sungyoung Holloway-Zhao

I See the Light

0818 by Eve

[ Re] born 0818 / 2020

Nymph by Elruna


Dolce by Anika Cluny


Coco and Feathered Friends by Blu Moonwall

~Coco & Feathered Friends~

Winter Beauty by Kitten


You Gotta Love Someone by Mya Audebarn

"You Gotta Love Someone..."

All I want for Christmas is You by Desire Darkrose

All I Want for Christmas Is You

Me by Yakira Hoxley

Me (:

On my own by SadyCat Littlepaws

Baby, it’s cold outside by Alexa Maravilla

Baby, it’s cold outside

Bathory in White by Kynne Llewellyn

Bathory in winter.

Oh ho-ly night by Sinister Vortex

_ oh ho-ly night _

Avery by Talija


20201218 by banana lecker


L’unique présent sous le sapin by Ticha

L'unique présent sous le sapin

World is mine by Syreena

127 // World is mine

I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK by Bambi

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok

Christmas with Friends by Anuska Loon

Christmas with friends

Anabelle by Valenska Voljeti


untitled by Nirefox


Take a breath, Take a Step by Noel Heartsong

💖 Take a breath, take a step

frosted by Zomborg Vollmar

Watch as I dive in by Rowan Elise

Watch as I dive in.

Dreamer by Teej


Sweet Baby Angels by Kayotica

Sweet Baby Angels

874 by Ara Voxel

The Bold & The Beautiful by itsa me… Maria

Create the things you wish existed by EXIS

Create the things you wish existed

untitled by Mia

930 by Panda Banana

[ 📷 - 930 ]

Santa Baby by Ric Applewhyte

🎄 Holiday Pile Up🎄 Santa Baby

Winter by Coqueta Georgia


You are a peace and a flame… by A Frith

You are a peace and a flame, you steady me and stir me all at once...

Spotted a Coffee Station… by Gisa Presley

Spotted a Coffee Station, Gisa Presley is back, its Official.  Xoxo.

Crossed the Line by Eripom Moonwall

untitled by Gabrielle Allen

264 by Lidiane Miller


Do you love me baby? by Maria DellaCroix

Do You Love Me Baby?

Quincy by kakaw denimore


dreamin’ tonight by Amy Bloodrose

dreamin' tonight

Train to Busan by Mira

ᴛʀᴀɪɴ ᴛᴏ ʙᴜꜱᴀɴ

take it far away from me by Claudia Orsini

take it far away from me.

Prometheus by Blog IMMORTAL

Spotlight on the Fetish Fair - "Prometheus"

EXiA by Ruby O’Kelly

EXiA_Selenia Robe

Nerdy Cute by 🌸

Nerdy Cute -  Face of Calendar Girls 2021

316 by Feralias Lesanar

Blogpost 316.

Helena C by ARnnO PLAneR

Stay Warm by Amberly

Stay Warm

untitled by Pineapple

Festive Cocoa by Be Pur Pur

It’s your Santa’s Gift by The Hendes

It´s your santa´s gift...

Bittersweet by A Frith

Like a Diamond in the Sky by Susanne Drechsler

Like a diamond in the sky (portrait)

Stella by Blog IMMORTAL

Spotlight on the Kinky Event - "Stella"

Kiss me under the Mistletoe by Tsubasa

Kiss me under the Mistletoe.

Nostalgia by Shocking Wonder


The First Snow by Jai Kingdoms

The first snow

Santa Inc by Aria Christen

Painting Christmas by NatG

Painting Christmas

“we don’t know each other….” by Ara

'...we don't know each other, but your last photograph is really really good. That's all! I hope you have a good day'

スーパーカワイイキャンディーレイブ by maladrielmorgana


I can hear your heartbeat by Hye Min

just another girl by val xox

Winter Faun by Nayra Collas

Winter Faun💙💙

As long as we know in our hearts… by Luna Morineaux-Song

As long as we know in our hearts what Christmas ought to be, Christmas is

Another life I can play… by BlazeAme

Another life i can play...I still have another token

I wish u all the best by Cataleya

.   i wish u all the best   .

League of Legends by Catalina


untitled by Amberly


untitled by Astrellita

Se7en 794 by Fine Frankel

Se7en +794

indulge by Savannah Mohegan

Love Your Voice by Burrito Ichibara

313 by Feralias Lesanar

Blogpost 313.

Feeling Good by Annan Adored

The same deep water as you by Alice Cvercko

You come to see by Samanda Eddingham

You Come  To  see

once upon a december by viv

A short break by Lisa

A short break

You’re not alone, I promise by Kimmy Littleboots

You're not alone I promise

Allo Le Monde by Lou Shadow

Allo Le Monde

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