SL Calendar Girls – March 2021

Welcome to SL Calendar Girls March 2021 selection. This is a bumper month collection and there were so many new-to-me photographers in the group this month…I think I followed about 25ish people just while going through the pool! Lots of them made it to the list too, which is very exciting and refreshing to see.

Each month I choose a selection of photos from the SL Calendar Girls Flickr photo pool that catch my eye and are my favourite photos added over the course of the month. As we all do, there are bloggers and photographers I admire and, where almost every photo they produce, I adore…it’s hard to pick a favourite photo from those people and one of the biggest challenges for me. Alongside those regular faces I always try to include new-to-me photographers, and artists that are featured less often.  Calendar Girls will always be a collection of photos I’ve enjoyed viewing and hopefully you will too. No more, no less.

As mentioned previously, I can no longer link photos marked as moderate on Flickr directly into the blog. Which sucks, there is a workaround which I have done for a couple of photos but as a general rule only safe photos will be able to shown in the selection moving forward. Which is kind of sad cos many of the great photos I see in the group aren’t strictly safe photos and we know we all have to be careful not to enrage the Flickr Gods when uploading our photos there. I will continue to use the workaround for any that I think the list cannot be complete without!

Here is the March 2021 selection:

Hot Sand by Sorcha Tyles

Yoko by Mavi Beck


untitled by Naty Flower

Lavender Fields by ADI

Lavender  Fields

American Pie by Madison RR Bugaati Salmson

American Pie

The Call by Autumn Ashdene

The Call

untitled by Sofi_Shel

Sweetly Wild by Any Moonwall

"Sweetly wild"

149 by Dani Clarke


Stepping onto a brand new path by Anais Cristole

Stepping onto a brand new path

However far away by Twizsted Cyanide

However far away

moon by Formerly known as Keely


369 by Feralias Lesanar

Blogpost 369

Twisted reality, hopeless insanity by Rowan Elise

Twisted reality, hopeless insanity.

Moon by kakaw Denimore


Daemonium by Mira

Mika-arise’ing by Jay

M I K A  - A R I S E 'I N G

Revenge.. and a little more by Lita Menges

☠ Revenge... and a little more ☠

Don’t mind it by Magician XIII

Don't Mind It

Fear of Ghosts by AliceInChains Arun

Fear Of Ghosts

I amar prestar aen – The world is changed. by Verona Lauria

I amar prestar aen - The world is changed.

One too many by Rivers

Girl like me by candy Serrao

1428 by Xena


What’s it to ya? by Damiana Babcock

What's it to Ya?!

175 by Hot Chocolate

Look 175

Dragon by Yana Nightwish

Neo-Japan SL Event Photo Contest 7 - [iiijanaiii resident]

Melons by SpajkiE HankS

♥New Post♥ Melons

On One by Tarja Haven

On One

I’m willing to wander in karma by Yuithz Conundrum

I'm willing to wander in karma

rainy day by Elma Lou

Homebody by Holly Portland


it’sagirl593 by Manu Denimore


Grace got you by Megs

♪ Grace Got You

Spring Fawn by LuxeStyle SL

#110 Spring Fawn

Please get out of my mind by Ellison Owen

.ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ, ɢᴇᴛ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴏғ ᴍʏ ᴍɪɴᴅ.

Spring is here by Hayyz Heavenly

LOTD #364 'Spring is Here!'

Shimmer by Annika Velde


Here comes the sun by Stella Mahogany

Here comes the sun...

Spring Shower by Hara

Let your mind drift by Pandora Ethaniel

-Let your mind drift-

– ثلاث دقات – by Banagher

- ثلاث دقات -

Everything I wanted by Itsa me… Maria

Everything I Wanted

564 by Reo


untitled by Gabrielle Allen

319 by Andromeda Starlight

~ ♥ 319 ♥ ~

Beauty behind your eyes by Ameya Moon

Beauty behind your eyes

Never look directly at the sun… by Luna Morineaux-Song

Never look directly at the sun, instead, look at the sunflower

Listen… I don’t wanna… by Sofia Stone

Listen... I don’t wanna do anything you don’t wanna do.

My Avalon by Callie Oh

My Avalon <3

Mentally we are always with someone by Aleksandra RomanovA

Mentally we are always with someone ..

Spring Dew by Maria Rodriguez

Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign - Spring Dew!

I am a woman… by Charlie’s Rain

I am a Woman. What's your super power?

I put a spell on you by Marilou Reve

. i put a spell on you .

do you still feel pain? by Moth Aurelia

do you still feel pain?

But now alone… by Rowan Elise

But now alone I lie and weep beside the tree.

wild at heart by Diconay Boa

Ignorance by ame


Monarch by Purple Leonis


Cute as a Button by Skip Staheli

Yeri~Cute as a button

spring jig by Sol Starlight

.spring jig.

tulips by Amberly

t u l i p s

Future by Svetlana Ihnen

⸸ ᶠᵘᵗᵘʳᵉ.

Peace by Sarai


Lost in Japan by Anais Maelle

Lost In Japan..

What a wonderful night by Sly

What a wonderful night...

Fighters are created or… by Teej

circle of life

Eyes Shining in Fire by Pearl Swanepoel

Eyes shining in fire...🔥

My Bloom by Adriene Silva

My Bloom...

No Kitsune, Stay Quiet by Nimue Grantly

#173 "No Kitsune, stay quite"

Luane’s World Spring by Aradhelia Diavolo

Photo Contest Luane's World Spring 2021

New Day by Elocuencia

New day!

Rivendell by Sungyoung Holloway-Zhao


Mother Nature speaks in a language… by Seetra

"Mother Nature speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer"

Hey, welcome in by Amy Bloodrose

"hey, welcome in!"

I can feel it coming over me…. by Malvene

I can feel it coming over me, i can feel it.

1984 by Effy


of course you didn’t see the red flags… by Envy Watts

of course you didn't see the red flags , you were using them as a blindfold

music produces a kind of pleasure…. by Charlie Namiboo

[music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without … ♪♫]

527 by Yaya Marquez

282 by Harlow Holiday

[ 282 ]

Silent Mode by EXIS

Silent Mode

after the storm, flowers bloom by Aria Christen

1268 - after the storm. flowers bloom

Clulture by Saraah Dragoone

untitled by Sofi_Shel

Bloom of Spring by aver osk

Pryce : Bloom of Spring Campaign   #prycebloomofspringcampaign

Bloom of Spring by Anaya Twine

Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign🌷#1

Bloom of Spring by Melanie King

🌷 Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign

Bloom of Spring by Noel Heartsong

🌷 Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign

Bloom of Spring by Morgaine Blackrain

🌷Pryce Bloom of Spring Campaign.

Bloom of Spring by chloeesl

Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign

Bloom of Spring by MeigaBea Danger

Pryce: Bloom of Spring ❤

Beauty in Bloom by Carolina Sauterau


Bloom of Spring by Amberly

Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign 🌷

Bloom of Spring by Naiike Pani

🌷 Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign

Bloom of Spring by Purple Leonis

Pryce Bloom of Spring Campaign: Le retour du printemps

Bloom of Spring by lindalindalein mayo

The first blooms of spring by Damatjo Magic

"The first blooms of spring always makes my heart sing...."

Bloom of Spring by Ella Pavlona

🌷 Bloom of Spring Campaign🌷

Bloom of Spring by Lori Matthews


Bloom of Spring by Evalyn Wunderlich

🌷 Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign🌷

810 by Fine Frankel

Se7en +810

Bloom of Spring by Rina Edenflower

It is Spring again by Hara

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.

My Panther Doesn’t Bite by Sᴠєᴠα Kιчσɾι Mαi

My Panther doesn't bite

Client Photo by Nora MaeJulian

Client Photo ♥

You stopped me from blinking by BlazeAme

You stopped me from blinking

Spring’s Arrival by EXIS

Spring's arrival

A Dream within a Dream by Trina M Rae

A Dream within a Dream..

Lover, Please Stay by Ameya Moon

Lover, Please Stay.

The world is not simply… by Wildelands

The world is not simply some romantic postcard of life

Snuff by Katrin0 HeaveN


Ohh I see you  see… by Evalyn Wunderlich

Ohh I See You See You Everytime

Your Pain by Rina Edenflower

♪ Your Pain

Whatever by Jane Bang


you’re in my heart by Julianna Cane

you're in my heart

untitled by Sia


it’s nothing but flowers by Luna Morineaux-Song

It's nothing but flowers 💐

Sweet Nothing by Tolla Crisp

Sweet Nothing

119 Fahrenheit by Effy

119 Fahrenheit

494 by Anny Mancini

LOTD #494

Ignite by Luis Aakster


Flavor of Life by Midori

Flavor of life ❤️

untitled by MissMild


12 by AMILOU

LOTD #12

untitled by Gabrielle Allen

I hope it reaches you by LISA

I hope it reaches you.

440 by XxSHIONxX


1123 by Panda Banana

[ 📷 - 1123 ]

I don’t care by Tobi Larroane

I Don't Care....

take only what you need… by Moth Aurelia

take only what you need from it.

Straight out of a fairy tale by Hara

Straight out of fairy tale

dynasty by Naja


1014 by Candynette Metaluna

Style #1014

Sex Calls by Annan Adored

Sex Calls . . .

Avalon by Shocking Wonder

Avalon ♥

White Out by Eripom Moonwall

"White Out" - 2021 Reloaded

Stares Blankly by Fase

Stares blankly

935 by Ara Voxel

Yummy by Be Pur Pur


Far Behind by Megumi

ꜰᴀʀ ʙᴇʜɪɴᴅ

Dream Girl by Kayotica

Dream Girl

Movie Night Cuddles by Honey

Mᴏᴠɪᴇ Nɪɢʜᴛ Cᴜᴅᴅʟᴇs

it’sagirl587 by Manu Denimore


Hanami by Lita Menges

❃ 花見 (Hanami) ❃

Rainbow by Adriane Silva


Sunshine by Sadycat Littlepaws


Itty Bitty Waifu by viv

Euphoria by Scarlett Karsin-Salvatore


Sleep on the Floor by Lou Shadow

Sleep On The Floor

1231 by Bree Coy

Look 1231♥

Your love has value greater… by Ara

Your love has value greater than you could ever know...

The deeper the waters are… by A Frith

The deeper the waters are..the more still they run...

468 by Chloe Kiyori

🎀STYLE 468🎀

Think Green by Cockaigne

Think Green 🍃

I will by Silent Chloe

I w i l l ...

I wonder if we take you home… by Saber

I Wonder If We Take You Home, Would You Still Be In Love?

Time for Wonder by Sophieso Demonia

# ♥2045 ~Time for Wonder

Reckoning by Rogue Princess


Balloon Message by Quistis Shippe

♥ Balloon Message

Her by Annan Adored

Feels like dancing on Wings by Skip Staheli

Always Spring by Tati Kent

Always Spring!!! ♥ 🌸🌸

Like They Used to by Luane Meo

Like They Used To

My Treasure by Lya Seerose

My Treasure

Feeling Good by Clary C

'' F E E L I N G  G O O D ''

Connection by Coralie Bilasmio

~ Connection ~

Last Night was Something… by Ale Mont

Last night was something that I can't explain

Flowers Bloom by LISA

Flowers bloom🌸

untitled by Ella Pavlona


Monkey Shine by Kitten Caboose

Monkey Shine

I love the gap… by Kimmy Ridley

“I love the gap, that momentary gap where day and night are not defined.” ― Debbie Lynn

untitled by Waleria Chau


Tokyo Nights by Bruna Shelford

ᴛᴏᴋʏᴏ ɴɪɢʜᴛs

I’m alive under the rain by Modern Renaissance

[I’m alive under the rain.]

Freedom by The Hendes


There’s a story in her eyes by Lana

There's a story in her eyes...

Leaving it all to faith by A Frith

Flora Seeds by Rogue Princess

Flora   •   Seeds

Have you ever wondered… by Fase

princess by Julianna Cane


untitled by Annia Weiser


Baby, I’m jealous by Onyx

Baby, I'm Jealous..🔥🔥

I told you not to break it by Everlina Kindred

i told you not to break it

Red Petals by Antaya

Red petals...

Flower Child, Beautiful Child by Giselle Chauveau

Flower Child, Beautiful Child.

Snake Charmer by Ric Applewhyte

Snake Charmer |Synnergy Pose|

Witnessing by Anu Papp


Baby, Life’s what you make it by Charlie Namiboo

[baby, life’s what you make it … ♪♫]

the freedom to roam in nature by oceane

Bright lights to guide me home by UnaMayLi

No Sé Mañana… by Rachel Deveraux

No Sé Mañana...

7 thoughts on “SL Calendar Girls – March 2021

  1. Why is it that the photos chosen here are always predominantly white avis with a little melanin sprinkled in. This is a misrepresentation of SL. You’re telling me out of OVER SIXY PHOTOS chosen, there were only a handful of black photographers “caught your eye.” Month after month, it’s the same thing- Fair skinned avis are showcased more. SMH.


    1. I don’t look at the colour of the avatar’s at all – just the quality of the photos. I’m confident though that if you look at the composition of the group that I choose from the ratio of submissions to the group is equal to those I select for the blog post.


    2. In fact to double check this I just looked at the first page of the group, the first 100 photos. There is one person of colour. I can only choose from the avatars that submit to the group.


    3. I did some further math to check my gut feeling on this. I took a sample of 1000 photos from the SL Calendars group. Of those 1000 3.9% (39) were photos of avatars of colour. There are 195 photos in the March selection of Calendar Girls of which 21 are avatars of colour…that’s just a snip under 11%. So, in fact, the selection on the blog is far more representative, in percentage terms, than the amount of photos added to the group. I’d personally love to see that number higher still but again, if good photographers don’t wish to put their photos in the group to be selected then there is nothing that I can do about that.


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