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Ever go shopping for wallpaper and come back with a new barbecue and outdoor seating…and no wallpaper? Yup, that was my day yesterday. Going into a DIY/Home store while the sun is shining is a bad idea because you start to imagine sitting out in the garden with a gin and tonic, with a couple of nice fresh fish cooking on the barbecue. By the time you have made your purchase and got home you remember you live in England and the weather at 2pm isn’t necessarily going to 30 degrees colder and wetter at 3pm.  But, hey-ho, I’m ready for outdoor dining in both worlds!

I blogged the new house from Hisa a couple of days ago and today I used one of the many roomy outdoor areas of the build to put together this scene. I’d purchased the Bazar dining area a few weeks ago and I can’t for the life of me remember where from but I am sure it’s in the mainstore by now. I do tend to buy almost everything Bazar release, especially dining for a number of reasons. Firstly, they look amazing. Secondly, they nearly always come in a rezzer so you don’t have to place everything by hand. Thirdly, they are usually very low Land Impact and lastly because they are nearly always scripted so you can immerse yourself in a dining experience.

The seating and tea set is from InsurreKtion and available at TLC – The Liaison Collaborative which opened a new round last week and is packed with goodies! I love the floral pattern on the cushions and the detailing on the tea set is really beautiful I will be showing you more of them over the next week or so but, if like me, TLC had slipped off your event radar for a wee while it’s most definitely time to reacquaint yourself with this event.


*HISA – Kahakai **NEW** at Uber Hometown

*[IK] Wicker World – Tea Set **NEW** at TLC – The Liaison Collaborative
*[IK] Wicker World – Screen **NEW** at TLC – The Liaison Collaborative
*[IK] Wicker World – Table **NEW** at TLC – The Liaison Collaborative
*[IK] Wicker World – Armchair (PG) **NEW** at TLC – The Liaison Collaborative

~BAZAR~ Sunset – Stacked cushion 3 LI: 2
~BAZAR~ Sunset – Place setting 8 LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Sunset – Candle 3 LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Sunset – Square cushion 3 LI: 2
~BAZAR~ Sunset – Cup candle 5 LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Sunset – Centerpiece 3 LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Sunset – Round cushion 1 LI: 2
~BAZAR~ Sunset – Blanket 01 LI: 2
~BAZAR~ Sunset – Table cloth LI: 4

Dust Bunny & Con . Florence Bedroom . Curtain Sheer

Little Branch Fan Palm {Animated}*Tall LI: 3

Cube Republic Pampas Grass LI: 2

Ariskea [Sunrise] Succulent Ceramic hangers LI: 4

(Luc.) Caviar & Salmon Lox Appetizer [Decor, BENTO Server]

MINIMAL – Plant Collection Gacha #08
MINIMAL – Plant Collection Gacha #10

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