Hai Kahakai

I sent Mr M a message earlier, all excited because today I drove my car! Some of you know I had a severe ankle injury earlier this year and had some time off after a surgery. The injury was to my left foot…my clutch foot. After messaging Mr M I realised that most American cars are automatics and he’s probably wondering why I was so excited about driving…or indeed why it has taken me so long to get back in the car. Anyways, I know I can drive now, short distances at least and as lockdown eases here in the UK, the timing couldn’t be better.

The sun is out in real life and Second Life and so it is perfect timing for this tropical house release from Hisa, which is available at Uber Hometown. The floorplan for this house is airy and full of light with big open plan spaces and plenty of room outside for gathering with friends…and of course it has a pool! Summer pool parties here we come. The second floor is the master bedroom area, with an en suite area which then opens out to a large patio/veranda area and the whole of the open top floor is designed for fun in the sun on the roof. The thatched tiki hut providing some shade where you can sit and watch the koi in the pond that is built in to this house.


*HISA – Kahakai **NEW** at Uber Hometown

*DaD “BoraBora Beach Chair B” PG v.1.0 c/m
*DaD “Hamptons stairs- 5 steps – c/m

Dust Bunny. shade umbrella
Dust Bunny & Con . Florence Bedroom . Curtain Sheer

Cube Republic Pampas Grass LI: 2
Cube Republic Coconut Palms
Cube Republic Fan Palms
Cube Republic Sedimentary Rock Stack

Little Branch Fan Palm {Animated}*Tall LI: 3

Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive

[FOURTH WALL] Beach Rocks

:Fanatik Architecture: CLIFF COVER Island

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