The Vista

I love this little room from Kraftwork that is available at The Liaison Collaborative for just a few more days and then will be available at the mainstore. It’s really versatile.  I very often have a scene in my mind as far as the decor is concerned and the conundrum I find myself is a room for it. I tend to prefer personally more rustic style builds and my houses that I live in are often Hisa/Scarlet Creative style houses. Sometimes I want to do scenes with more modern furniture and my mind goes blank on what I have in my inventory that works as a room. This is why I love the versatility of this Palazzo mini room because it works for both modern and more vintage/rustic style sets. If you are a blogger, or you just want an intimate room or build for your home you need this…trust me…I’m a blogger!


*KraftWork Palazzo Mini Room **NEW** at The Liaison Collaborative

*[North Oak] + Janiya Velvet Chaise (mustard)

*[Merak] – Home Bar Counter – Brown
*[Merak] – Home Bar Shelf – Creme marble
*[Merak] – Barrel Cork Decor
*[Merak] – Home Bar Tray
*[Merak] – Wine Glasses
*[Merak] – Cocktail Glasses
*[Merak] – Home Bar Alcohol
*[Merak] – Whiskey Glasses
*[Merak] – Whiskey Tray LI: 4
*[Merak] – Marble Gold Side Table LI: 3
*[Merak] – Gin Tonic Dispenser LI: 2

*Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Gold Bar Cloche
*Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Caviar – Gold
*Dahlia – Posh – Champagne – Single – Brut / Gold
*Dahlia – Posh – Single Champagne Bottle – Brut Single

*Loft & Aria – Ignatius Chandelier

No59 – Gin funky and vienna on tray

tarte. fairy light letter

*KraftWork Lemton’s Bar . BAR STOOL

*Fancy Decor: Minimal Art

-David Heather- Balla Wine Rack

~BAZAR~ Jagger Rug

Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel

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