SL Calendar Guys – November 2021

Welcome to the November 2021 selection of the  from the SL Calendar Guys group which I am continuing with the mid-month publishing date for. For anyone that is new to this page each month we display a selection of our favourite photos from the SL Calendar Guys group. At the end of each year we select one photo from the last 12 months to form a Calendar of the favourites of the year.

Here’s the group: SL Calendar Guys

And here is the selection of photos for November 2021:

89 by LeKingHalf


1935 by Panda Banana

[ 📷 - 1935 ]

A Journey of a Thousand Miles… by Maka Orion

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

It was a good day by Luis Aakster

It Was A Good Day

Update by Sora  F Aurelia

Update & Some more photograph practice

Light from the Dust by Jamz Dean

Light from the Dust

untitled by Manu Coulibaly


Bloom by Alaska Whalen


Speak Less, Listen More by Leon Miranda

- Speak less. Listen more.

billionaire scumbag by maledict hexem

billionaire scumbag.

Jon by Lofa Iqah


791 by Connor Reed


Seeking Arelia by Fireheart & MoonGrave

Seeking Arelia...

359 by Sukuna Saan

LOTD ♛ 359 ♛

late snack by andyy Zifer

late snack

Mr November by Ethan Lane

Mr November

Klovis by Jas Nova

174. | Klovis

untitled by Twizsted Cyanide


Like a River by Damon Frost

Like a river

Smoke, Relax, Wait Me by Jsosa

✥📷 - 471✥

We see the hype… by Franke

We see the hype outside.

Steam is on by Caesar Langer

Steam Is On

Tragedy by Murdock

Waiting Game by Kacey Macbeth

Waiting Game

City Boy by Verandi Diavolo

City boy

untitled by Yuyen Mertz


Deep Emotions Kill Me … by COBRA

Deep Emotions kill me..L'expertise

Chapter4 by Casper Blanco

C h a p t e r 4

Untitled by Dariam Waldorf

♔ New post ♔

hope by sebhinio


I think we’re doomed by Sviar Art

I think we're doomed

untitled by Alfred WN

Only You by Elise Rodriguez Stark

untitled by Aegean

A Heart Devoured by Eli

.A Heart Devoured.

Daydreams by Skip Staheli

Michael~Daydreams -crop

you grip my hands… by A Salvatore

• You grip my hands in revelations that let my bones breathe and my blood run love me deep.

Must love dogs by Scar Requiem

Must love dogs

No more by Hikaru Enimo

No more.......

376 by Sad Bunny


Lets talk by XxXMaNiakXxX

Lets Talk

untitled by Rome Akuji

To the bone by Czar Fenris

To the bone

Rebellion by Jay Hijinks


untitled by iozi wasp

1281 by Cher

▸LOTD 1281

Thinking about you by He who hath no name

Thinking about you...

0346 by Matrix Spirt


The Spot – Urban – by Mark Walder

{The Spot} Urban - Now Available

Make it yours by Roman Godde

Follows the Flow by Lupinh Voxel

// Follows the flow

1st Touch by DAVE LOOK


Show some weakness by Levi Megadon

Show some weakness

Jon by Jayson

# Jon ...

thoughts and cigarettes by Marcus Tenebra

thoughts and cigarettes b&w

Other Nuances… by Adam Cayden

Others Nuances - Ethan Lane

Lelutka Jon by The Hendes

Lelutka Jon [SOON]

Buddies by Mihailsk


Don’t play me for no fool by Jayce Takeda

Don't Play Me For No Fool

Smile and no one else… by Jking Tyran

“Smile and no one will see how broken you are inside.”

All or Nothing at all by Prophet

All or Nothing at All

Winter Getaway by Blog IMMORTAL

"Winter Getaway"

120 by Bruno Thorne


Alien Matter by Klaus Reinherz

Alien Matter

Bent by Mark Aji

Tome by Ben Joe Leeder

#76 // TOME

Cutesy by Nimue Grantly

#290 "Cutesy"

Every flower is a soul… by Ethan Lane

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.

Naughty but nice by Neox Viper

[NV] Naughty but nice

Farm Fresh by Scar Requiem

Farm Fresh

Hurricane by Czar Fenris


Escape by Toxzen OwO


untitled by Coreyy96

In the Dark… by Alex Duque

In The Dark, You Will Find Me

Jonat by Kaua Newey


94 by Elijah JQ

II .94. || ⚜️

tómalo by Zain Bravo


Dead Flowers Hold the memories… by Bear Starr

Dead Flowers Hold The Memories In

untitled by Adam Cayden


It has to be this way… by Joel TheStardustDiamond

It Has To Be This Way

Sweater Weather by Dacio Holgado

Dacio - Sweater Weather

Do it again by Roman Godde

Dᴏ ɪᴛ Aɢᴀɪɴ

771 by Connor Reed


You’re Gonna Go Far by Luis Aakster

You're Gonna Go Far

We don’t have time… by Hikaru Enimo

We don't have time to love until the end........

untitled by Manu Coulibaly


untitled by Pedro

Nobody Home by known as Mr G

untitled by Renan Mckeenan

1704 by Edumetal Lavarock

untitled by Alfred WN

The Duel by Damien Crow

"The Duel..........."

Wintry by B


Chasing Cars by JPablo Fredriksson

Chasing Cars

You probably couldn’t see… by Endless Summer

You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But You Were Staring Straight At Me

blossom by andyy Zifer


Love is only equal… by Jayce Takeda

Love is only equal to the pain

Companions by Wolvern Vilkas


Fetching by Todd Anton

fetching [ fech-ing ]

0333 by Matrix Spirt


Trick or Treat by Divos Titanium

Trick or Treat

It’s my night by Magnus E Bane

It's my Night

Victim of Love by Prophet

Victim of Love

1701 by Edumetal Lavarock

never enough by Scar Requiem

never enough

Nihil Est Regis… by Joel TheStardustDiamond

Nihil Est Regis, Omnia Est Licitum

2 thoughts on “SL Calendar Guys – November 2021

  1. Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    They’re not even bleeding but still they get a monthly calendar. This should be an honour reserved for girls, no?

    Still, enjoy – if you can – Kess Crysta’s latest SL Calendar …


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