Gettin’ Husky

It was a short but very busy week at real life work and SL was no different. I am focused on getting the Calendar posts done and hitting any blogging deadlines I have. Someone asked me what I would do with the time I gain from not doing the calendars again once they are completed and the truth is, aside from doing a bit more personal blogging, I hope I don’t fill the time with new projects. The trouble with me is if something interests me then me and the word NO aren’t very well acquainted bedfellows.

I have learned over the last few years to be more cognizant of my own limitations regarding workload and my need to be disciplined with myself and I’m pretty proud of myself in making some hard decisions over the last couple of years, and months. I am definitely excited to be finding more time to take photos and blog!


*HISA –  Forest Retreat
*HISA –  Winter Grass with shrubbery

*DaD  “Autumn wreath” c/m LI: 5

*hive // gone fishin clutter LI: 4

9 MI Winter Dog House (2LI) LI: 2
MI Snow Boat Decor with Snow Base LI: 10

(Milk Motion) winter pine – 8li LI: 8
(Milk Motion) Winter forest (no snow/d backdrop) 79 li – 64m LI: 79

[Rezz Room] Siberian Husky R/W Adult Animesh (companion)

Botanical – Douglas Fir 5

JIAN Fishing Camp :: Drying Rack 1
JIAN Fishing Camp :: Barrel

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