The weather has turned here in the real world and while I love the Fall season the most I am still holding onto those last few memories of summer evenings, sat outside with a nice glass of wine and good company.


*Soul2Soul. Sienna Potted Olive Tree Medium LI: 6 **NEW**
*Soul2Soul. Sienna Potted Olive Tree Small LI: 4 **NEW**
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*Soul2Soul. Sienna Snug LI: 28 **NEW**
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*HISA – Floral Bouquet Vines  **NEW** at Mainstore

Apple Fall Iced Tea Pitcher LI: 2 **NEW** for Farmer’s Market
Apple Fall Easel w/ Drawing Mount LI: 2

Skye – Rocky Platforms 6 SMALL Moon Short LI: 1
Skye – Rocky Shore Peninsula Straight LI: 13
Skye – Wild Grass Type 6 olive LI: 1

!Ohmai: Ivory Gull

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