Beach Vibes

Del, my friend and business partner in Seraphim, and I have a running joke about the seasons. This was because I mentioned Spring in early January. Now there is an argument to say that the seasons work in a slightly different way in Second Life, with a long Spring and Summer, a short Autumn and a Winter that only really lasts for 6 weeks at a push.

That said I am so ready for the warmer weather in Second Life at least. I really enjoy the spring and summer fashion looks and enjoy taking photos with a summery vibe to them.



*Soul2Soul. Beach Cafe Bar Stool B LI: 2
*Soul2Soul. Beach Cafe Bar Potted Plant LI: 2
*Soul2Soul. Beach Cafe Bar Table B LI: 1
*Soul2Soul. Beach Cafe Bar LI: 70
*Soul2Soul. Beach Palm Tree II LI: 6
*Soul2Soul. Beach Palm Tree I LI: 5

*hive // wooden letters

NOMAD // Vintage Roadtrip Car // Lime LI: 16

tarte. rattan string lights (white string) – wavy LI: 2

(Fundati) Shrub V LI: 4
(Fundati) Creosote Bush 01 -Normal- LI: 3

*HISA – Greenery Shrubs 1

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