Nice Weather for Ducks

The weather has been pretty changeable here for the last few weeks, even though it’s officially British Summer Time.

The last couple of weeks have been a blur as my elderly father has been hospitalised and I had an unscheduled dash 300 miles down to Cornwall. It rained pretty much all the way down there. Cornwall is beautiful, even when raining but I didn’t get to see much other than the inside of a hospital room. Dad is at least heading in the right direction now after suffering a major infection following a surgery. It’s true what they say about the circle of life…eventually your parents become the worry to you instead of you being the worry to your parents!!


All of this made me super late to the rainboots I’m wearing by Dead Doll but they were just too adorable for me not to take a photo with them! They are available at The Fifty until the end of the day today (20th April) and after that they will be in the Dead Doll mainstore no doubt.

They come in a huge range of colourful options and with two types of lace topped socks (plains and patterns) available to purchase seperately. They’re rigged for Reborn (worn), Legacy and Maitreya.


Body – EBody Reborn

*Body Skin – VELOUR

*Boots – DEAD DOLL – April Rain Boots & Socks **NEW** at The Fifty (til 20th April)

Ducks – Jian – Pekin Ducks

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