Lazy Sunday at Flux Sur Mer

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the gorgeous Flux Sur Mer Sim lately and promised I would take some pics to share on the blog.

There is truly so many wonderful photogenic spots and little gems on this sim that I couldn’t possibly cover all of them. The sim itself is based on a Rustic French Countryside idyll with lots of areas to explore, alone or with friends.

Flux Sur Mer

The Sim description is as follows “Flux Sur Mer is a detailed and artistically developed French country estate/ full sim, stunningly brought to life by creator and designer Nic Bour (nicbor resident), along with custom mesh designer Imoken Neox.”

Flux Sur MerFlux Sur MerWhat has struck me most is the level of detail that has gone into producing this sim. The every day clutter that has been expertly placed to give the sim a feel of being totally alive and lived-in rather than a static display.

One of my favourite areas is the French Market with a group of rustic stalls displaying flowers, cheeses, wine, fruit and vegetables and other goods.

Flux Sur Mer_001The largest and most dominant building and area on the sim is the Flux Sur Mer Theatre building. Again the detailing inside from the banquet table to the linen decorations are exquisite.

Flux Sur Mer_002 Flux Sur MerFlux Sur Mer

Scattered around the sim are also some wonderful gift boxes with some unusual and beautifully crafted items. I won’t tell you too much and let you find these hidden treasures for yourself.

Flux Sur Mer

Flux Sur Mer Flux Sur Mer

I cannot recommend visiting this sim for yourself highly enough. The ambiance and atmosphere achieved by the builders and creators is perfect in every way. Explore, relax and soak up this little corner of French culture within Second Life.

Click Here to Tp to Flux Sur Mer

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