The Kindness of Strangers who become Someday Friends

The post today is going to be a mix…covering fashion, sailing, exploration, community and friendship. I have experienced all of these at Someday.

I found Someday by chance, while sailing, in the Blake Sea and instantly fell in love. The sim was actually in the process of being built at the time and I got chatting to one of the owners Petra Rosen about what they were aiming to do and make of the sim.


All around the sim are gorgeous rental units that come with a prim allowance and a ‘slip’. Being part of the Blake Sea this opens up a world of sailing adventures to the community. I fell instantly in love with the sim, even though it was a work in progress and rented a lighthouse. It feels rather extravagant to have a SL ‘second home’ but renting at Someday is way more than that. You’re becoming part of a community and a living work of art.


That’s my lil lighthouse on the left! I love it! The work that Petra and the Someday team have put in is extraordinary. The detail and styling of the areas, the coffee shop, the community area, caves and the general landscaping are out of this world. Whether you are into sailing or not this sim is the perfect photo spot. Why not bring some friends over and party on the beach or explore the sim and surrounding areas. I’ve been back many times and I’m always finding new items added or new areas to check out.


During my recent RL issues Petra has popped into my IMs every few days to check on me, offer a well needed listening ear, offer advice and just let me know that somebody is there and cares. Last week when my tier was due she told me not to worry, I had enough on my plate and extended it for a week for me. I was so grateful. It was a ‘small’ thing in her mind but it was so powerful to me. Petra is one of those unique caring souls and you can see that in the work that the team have done to create this beautiful habitat.

someday_006Visit Someday and see how special it is for yourself you may just find that someday you have new friends.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Lelutka Stella

Skin – League – Erin Skin and Milla Head Applier

Tattoo – White Widow – Tesis – **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

Eyes – IKON – Hope

Lips – MONS – Lipstick Applier **Special Price** TDR Fusion

Hair – Besom~ Left to Jackson **NEW** at N21

Bikini -Blueberry – Tyrkini – **NEW** at N21

Glasses – Meva Milan Sunglass

Earrings – Maxi Gossamer –  Nerissa Cowrie Seashell

Shoes – Reign – Adley Wedges **Special Price** Fifty Linden Friday

Drink – REIGN.- Summer Lovin Tumbler #26 Gacha at The Epiphany

Poses – Double Take – **Special Price** Fifty Linden Friday

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