No One is Benching This Angel


It’s hardly believable that it was just a week ago that the news of Lexi Zelin’s illness was reaching our ears. It’s even more remarkable how the community of SL has come together for The Lexi Project. 346 Creators and Designers producing items for sale at 100% donation to Lexi’s Healthcare fund all organised and set up within a few days thanks to the hard work and drive of Toxxic Rhiannyr of alterego and Heather and Kehl Razor of Depraved Nation.

There has long been an ongoing debate within the community regarding the perception of SL to the outside world and whether there is, or is not, a negative image of Second Life in the media and our ‘rl’ circles. I’m not going to stir up that hornets nest too much because there are wide ranging views from very strong personalities most of whom I respect and, in some cases, consider friends. I met a relatively new person to SL this week, who during the course of our conversation was asking me what I do in SL. I was telling him mainly about my job at MadPea and explaining that I was organising the MadPea items for The Lexi Project. He asked me more about MadPea and I directed him to The Drax Files video. This got him hooked on Drax…he watched every Drax Files video on youtube over the course of a day. Then said ‘wow, this all makes me feel better about some other aspects of SL now’ which I asked him to explain…and here came in the furry sex and ‘perverts’ conversation. Yes, I said, there is furry sex in SL…but yanno what…I hear rumours that there is sex in real life too but not everyone is at it 24/7…they do other things too! My new friend didn’t know there were games within SL, art galleries, explorable and interactive zones…but he knew there was music and furry sex. This is a view he has gained since being in SL…not something he knew before he joined. I think I am starting to lean toward the argument that we’re the ones who are guilty of encouraging this perception and not the outside media. By pointing him to The Drax Files at least I was able to open his eyes to the hundreds of opportunities to avoid furry sex should he wish to.

Snapshot_003The Lexi Project is a glowing example of the good that can happen in this VR world of ours. A community of real life people putting their own issues and problems aside to help another person that most of them have never met or spoken to but whose plight has touched us all.

The items for sale at the event are all 100% donation to Lexi…no one is going to profit from this event and the variety of items is enormous from animations, home decor, clothing, jewelry, poses, full perm items, skins, hair….anything and everything all under one huge roof.

unKindness decor store has produced the mesh rustic bench pictured for the event. It comes in a PG and Adult version with super sweet cuddles and singles animations and obviously some way too hot for heaven animations in the raunchier adult version. It’s the perfect addition to your home or garden and you’ll be contributing to a great cause.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Lelutka Stella

Skin – League – Erin Skin and Milla Head Applier

Tattoo – White Widow – Tesis – **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

Eyes – IKON – Hope

Wings – C L A Vv. Big Wide Wings White **NEW** at The Lexi Project

Dress – *LpD* – *Brianna* Dress White

Hair – Blues – Lunaire (Hair Fair Gift – ends today!)

Poses – Posesion

unKindness Rustic Bench **NEW** at The Lexi Project

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