Mainstore Monday – Fancy Decor


I skipped a week last week but here we are and I’m back with another Mainstore Monday. I’ve changed the format slightly too and will be focussing on one store, not two. The purpose of Mainstore Monday is to redress the balance a little between event shopping and visiting mainstore locations. There are some wonderful stores out there that a lot of us never get to see and this week I am featuring one of my favourite home decor creators…Fancy Decor. 

The decision to move to just one store came about for two reasons. My time is extremely limited but also it means that I can focus on a better description and pack more information about what’s on offer at the store into the post.

I found this store a long, long time ago when there were just a few items on sale. As with most stores these days I originally found them at an event…Cosmopolitan. I’ve watched with interest as the store has grown in size and stature.


The store changed a few months ago, moving from an indoor store to an outdoor area and I must admit I love the new layout. If, like me, you tend to stay in one place and cam shop this is the perfect, easy to zoom around layout. When I visited today the centre display area had been turned into a Pumpkin Patch and I’ve honestly never in my life seen so many different options for pumpkins! Sizes, shapes, colours the options are huge and with added extras like signs, carts, boxes and bales of hay it’s the perfect one stop shop for your autumnal decor right now.


All good stores offer a central area for information and Fancy Decor is no exception. As you enter through the wrought iron gates to the right you will find a board with all the information you need to keep up to date with the goings on at the store. To the left you will find the gacha collections from the store.


I’ve had reason to speak to Jake Vordun, the owner and creator of all things Fancy Decor, a few times in recent months and I have to say he seems to be as adorable as his creations are.  Jake recently got press-ganged (I kid you not) into taking part in the MadPea Celebrity Auction and was gracious, witty and . I even had a few bids on him myself as I’ve never watched Frasier and fancied the idea of winning an evening watching it with expert commentary. I was, alas, outbid…several times! *GRUMBLES*


I’ve also been on the consumer end and needed to discuss something from a customer perspective and Jakes customer service is fabulous. He’s quick to respond, more than fair in the way he dealt with the issue at hand and again, courteous and gracious to a fault. Gosh I’m sounding like a total fangirl and before anyone looks to see in my sponsors, no, I do not blog for Fancy Decor. These have been my first-hand findings and experiences and I merely want to share with you all that this is a quality store, with wonderfully textured, superbly created decor with the added bonus of the Creator being a really nice person, in my limited experiences with him.


This is my new home office, mixing my work, blogging and photography and almost completely produced with items from Fancy Decor.

I’ll be back next week with another Mainstore Monday. Have a great week everyone!



Fancy Decor – Darkroom Set

Fancy Decor: Pallet Desk

Fancy Decor: Vintage Office Chair

Fancy Decor: Half Moon Wire Table

Fancy Decor: Book Lamp

Fancy Decor: Vertical Candles

Fancy Decor: Postcard Bundle Gacha

Fancy Decor – Stamp and Letter Box Gacha

junk. harvest frames.

junk. potted tree.

.:revival:. sisal rug

=Eli Baily= Bletchley Typewriter

Dust Bunny – Lemons

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