To Whom it May Concern


The artwork on the wall keeps drawing my attention. It’s called ‘To Whom it May Concern’ and going through my head is all the things I want to type a letter to ‘Whom it May Concern’ and then I realised that it no longer concerns them. In fact it probably never did.

My mind moved on to names. I was looking at that artwork and watching my friends log in and log out and as their names scrolled in my local chat it got me thinking about a conversation I had recently about names of our avatars and how we choose them. So here’s the history of my SL name. Kess wasn’t my first avatar…my original avie is Kadie Pinkenba and I chose her name. My real name is Karen and my (hated) middle name name is Dawn…initials KD and hence Kadie. When I took a break from SL to play World of Warcraft I wanted a totally different name for my WoW avie and I remembered a person from SL called Kessidri. I liked the look and feel of her name and how it sounded but I didn’t want to copy it completely so I came up with the name Kessina. Of course, in my guild and on teamspeak that got shortened to Kess. It was completely natural to me, when I returned to SL, to use the name Kess and Crystal just seemed to fit. It sounded quite glamourous to me.

With the addition of Display Names we have been given so much more creative input to our naming of our avatars and I see some funny and original names around SL on my travels. There are those that make me laugh and those that make me roll my eyes but it’s a way of identifying with our avatars in a way that wasn’t possible before. I’m always curious about how people came to select the name they use, be it first name or second name.


I often wonder the same thing about how SL designers come up with the names for their products. Some seems very descriptive, some are super factual…the does what is says on the tin approach. I’m still drawn to ‘To Whom it May Concern’ even as I look at the picture.


I’d love to hear from you in the comments on how you chose the names you use in SL and I am sure there are some interesting stories behind most of them.


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One thought on “To Whom it May Concern

  1. Sorry that it took me so long to discover this. I am so honoured to read this. It’s a great name, isn’t it? I did not know it was an actual name. I was trying to think of a name beginning with a K because my nickname starts with K and also a name I had never heard of before and I just played around with sounds until I just blurted out Kessidri. LOL. I have since had a conversation in SL with some people from India who told me that it is an Indian name. I haven’t researched this to confirm either way but I have no reason not to believe what those people told me. Anyway, me and the two Kesses are very happy with the name lol. I created a second Kessidri because for a while I didn’t like the surname I chose but I have become accustomed to it now so the second Kess doesn’t come out to play much hahaha. Wishing you fun and discovery in all your virtual adventures. Drop by Pyrina any time 🙂 Love and hugs from Kessidri Swamphen and Kessidri Seelowe xxx


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