Are Rez Days Important Anymore?


Tuesday was the rez day of my gorgeous friend Sady and we had a wicked time. She’s had a pretty shitty year in RL and I wanted to make sure that she knew she had people around her in SL that value, love and appreciate her.

She happened to mention at my set on Sunday last week how much she loved a couple of 80s tunes that I played and as I had seen these bodysuits at My Attic from Luxuria it inspired me to put together a little roller skating play area for Sady and a small group of her closest friends…and of course, lots of awesome, cheesy 80’s tunes. The sound of Olivia Newton John belting out Xanadu should ring in your ears about now….it’s still ringing in mine!

(L-R) Tracy, Sady, Aaron, Kess, Siofra, Llew & Ava

I had to include my fave pic of the night. I’m pretty sure that the objective was met and the Rez Day lady had an awesome time, but something I saw on facebook made me consider the question of rez days and how much emphasis we put on them these days.

The amazing Annie Inspired, the curator of the shoppers bible Essential Inventory almost forgot it was her rez day and she in fact posed the question about whether it’s really that important anymore?

Having been knocking around for a while now I think there has been a shift in emphasis from rez days to real life birthdays being celebrated in Second Life. Back in 2006-2010 there was definitely more rez day parties and even 1000 day parties became all the rage at one point too. As we have gotten to know our SL friends more via facebook and other social media as well as longer and longer in SL we have come to consider them as real life friends. I know I certainly do. Maybe that’s why we are more likely to want to celebrate with them on their real anniversaries and birthdays?

I suppose in a way the answer to the question is that it’s dependent on how important it is to the person whose rez day it is. I know if I am dating in SL I would be kinda miffed if my partner didn’t at least acknowledge my rez day but, that said, I’ve always had friends make a super fuss over me on my rez days in the past so boyfriend fails usually get overlooked.


You can pick up the bodysuit from Luxuria which comes with system layers and appliers for just L$95 at My Attic but you have to be quick to get it at this price!


Body – Maitreya Lara

Skin – Lara Hurley Maitreya applier and Christy Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Hair – Truth Hair – Karlie

Bodysuit – Luxuria – **NEW** at My Attic 

Skates – N-Core – **NEW** at Kustom 9

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