Put a Little Spargel in your Life


\o/ I got on quite a roll with decorating my ‘project’ for the duration of Home and Expo 2016. The Spargel & Shine home, Bocas Belle is available at the Expo which runs until 6th March and over the course of the next few weeks I will be taking time to decorate the house. Of course this project is made so much easier by the fact that there are 10 sims of home and decor stores to choose from in addition to all the wonderful events going on about now including LTD Event, Whimsical and Shiny Shabby.

Having completed the kitchen area yesterday I set to work on the ‘art’ room. I’ve set the house up so this room looks out to the ocean and provides a comfortable and creative work space. Every exhibitor at the Expo provides two items for sale at 100% donation to Relay for Life and both of the items from Spargel & Shine feature in the post today…the mirror pictured above and the rug featured in the pictures.


I’m enjoying the spring time feel the house gives me and the open, airy style. I’m a ‘cosy’ house style person but that has to be balanced with rooms that I can cam around easily and the rooms in this house are the perfect size and proportion for what I want to achieve.



House – Spargel & Shine – Bocas Belle **NEW** at Home and Garden Expo

Bauhaus Movement – Californication – Painted Crate

unKindness – Canvas Hope Footstool **NEW** at faMESHed

unKindness- Canvas Hope Floor Lamp **NEW** at faMESHed

unKindness – Canvas Hope Day Bed **NEW** at faMESHed

.:VT:. (VersaTile) Mobile Mind Frames 1, 2 & 3 **100% Donation Items** at Home and Garden Expo

Artisan Fantasy – Origami Toy Trio – Music

unKindness – Whimsy Trinkets End Table **NEW** at Whimsical Event

unKindness – Whimsy Trinkets Hydrangeas Pitcher **NEW** at Whimsical Event

Ariskea [ Petite Paris] La  Table

MadPea Writer’s Corner – Books

!! Follow US !! GG Coffee break tray

*YS&YS* European Taste – Canvas **NEW** at The Gacha Garden

Spargel & Shine – Bocas Belle Mirror **100% Donation Items** at Home and Garden Expo

Spargel & Shine – Rug Multi-Floral 2 **100% Donation Items** at Home and Garden Expo

MadPea Bonsai Tsukikage RARE

Serenity Style- Meli Heart Box **NEW** at Shiny Shabby from 20th February

Serenity Style- Crate **NEW** at Gen Neutral

[Brixley] linen curtain

Serenity Style- Meli Heart  Mirror **NEW** at Shiny Shabby from 20th February

Serenity Style- Easel **NEW** at Gen Neutral

-tres blah- Workspace – Art Supplies

Serenity Style- Meli Heart  Pot **NEW** at Shiny Shabby from 20th February

-tres blah- Workspace – Art Clutter

junk. abstract canvas. floor.

unKindness – La Vintage Pillow Drawer

Serenity Style- Pile of Canvas **NEW** at Gen Neutral

Serenity Style- Wall Canvas **NEW** at Gen Neutral

Clear Inspirations – Life is Beautiful

Clear Inspirations – Life is Like a Camera

MadPea Bonsai Kasa

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