Keeping Busy and Making Time


Ever heard the phrase “if you want something done ask a busy person”?

I remember hearing that phrase when I was younger and not truly understanding what it meant. Recently my already busy second life has taken on a whole new level of busy and I’m loving every minute of it!!!

I took some decisions back in December that would free up a little time for me to focus on other projects. I had been asked to get involved with a few things and had found myself in the position of having to say no and declining due to my schedule. That decision has opened up several new opportunities to me and brought me into closer contact with some truly outstanding people in SL.

I’ve worked with Saffia Widdershins before in my role at MadPea. Saffia was one of the well-known SL residents that put herself forward for auction at the MadPea Celebrity Auction last year and I’ve most recently been working with her on a two-part Designing Worlds show about MadPea. For those that don’t know Saffia is a human whirlwind managing and leading many projects for non profit organisation across SL as well as SL TV shows such as Designing Worlds and Lab Chat. MadPea also sponsored One Billion Rising which took place last weekend and I had the opportunity to DJ at the event and work closely with Saffia, Samantha Ohrberg and many other extremely talented and passionate women during the course of the event.

My next project with Saffia takes place at the Home and Garden Expo 2016 for Relay for Life.  I will be hosting two Prim Perfect talks at the Expo on the 23rd February where I’ll have the opportunity to talk to designers about their creations and how they develop their work within Second Life.  Relay for Life is a charity close to many peoples hearts. There is surely no one on the planet that hasn’t been touched by cancer in one of its evil forms during their lifetime. Each store taking part in the Expo is providing 2 100% donation items on sale for the duration of the event to raise funds for this brilliant cause.


During the course of the event I will be decorating the house featured in the pictures from Spargel & Shine.  Bocas Belle is designed as a tropical cottage and it’s perfect for that use, however, I don’t have tropical land and it still looks amazing as a lakeside house on the waters edge. More pics of the outside of the house to come but today I’m focussing on the area of the house that I have designated for my new kitchen.

There’s some great events going on to help with the decorating in addition to all the stunning items created and available at the Home and Garden Expo. Info on them and landmarks are in the credits.


House – Spargel & Shine – Bocas Belle **NEW** at Home and Garden Expo

Scarlet Creative The Arcade June 15 – Cabinet

Apple Fall Book Shelf

Lark – Chalkboard Mug Holder

.Bee Designs: Belle Jour Gacha Bucket Pink @ Home and Garden Expo

.:Bee Designs :.Mon Amour  Stool 2  @ Home and Garden Expo

*LODE* Decor – Iris Vase [dark]

[Brixley] Chocolate = Happiness

+Half-Deer+ Flower Stringlights – Curved (tex. change)

Apple Fall Au Pain (Sourbread Baguette)

Scarlet Creative The Arcade June 15 – Stove

[Brixley] Chocolate is the Answer

[Brixley] linen curtain – olive

unKindness – Pioneer Vintage Tea Tray **NEW** at LTD Event

unKindness – Pioneer Vintage Shelf **NEW** at LTD Event

unKindness – Pioneer Vintage Shelf v2 **NEW** at LTD Event

.:Bee Designs :.Mon Amour  Vintage Box 2  @ Home and Garden Expo

[ keke ] hard to find plates stack

*YS&YS* European Taste – Rug **NEW** at The Gacha Garden

dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . scale

.:Bee Designs :.Mon Amour  Bottle with flowers  1  @ Home and Garden Expo

.:Bee Designs :.Mon Amour  Bottle with flowers  2  @ Home and Garden Expo

junk. harvest frames.

*YS&YS* European Taste – Pouf **NEW** at The Gacha Garden

Scarlet Creative The Arcade June 15 – Rosemary Plant

dust bunny . tea pot . color change

unKindness – Pioneer Vintage Trunk **NEW** at LTD Event

.Bee Designs: Belle Jour Gacha Pillow Box  @ Home and Garden Expo

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