SL Calendar Girls – March & April 2016

I run a small Flickr group called SL Calendar Girls and each month (usually) I highlight my personal favourite pictures from the group in a blog post. March rather passed me by due to some other commitments so here’s a bumper crop of my favourite pictures from March and April .

At the end of the year I will select one picture from each month to form a ‘Calendar’ of my favourites.

Relaxing at Hollowtree by Grace Sixpence

Relaxing at Hollowtree

Overwhelming desire, Overwhelming fire by Stellagraphics

Overwhelming desire, Overwhelming fire

The Last of Her Kind by Pharin Wilde

The Last of Her Kind.

Dawn breath taking by Ambrosous Core

16.0306 - Dawn breath taking (Cirque Du Noir @ Elysion)

….softly… by Talija


Storm of Fire by Rose

Happy St Paddys by Tracy RedAngel

Happy St Paddy's

Rozie Tiara by Layka

Remember, there are no mistakes by Luane Meo

Remember, there are no Mistakes, only Lessons. Love yourself, Trust your Choices and Everything is possible

Time for a Vacation – by Marianne

Time for a Vacation - Back in a week!

If only I could look into your mind by Stellagraphics

If only I could look into your mind..

Close Your Eyes by Luane Meo

Close your eyes

Le vrai combat se joue hors du ring by Rose

Le vrai combat se joue hors du ring .

Caruso by Nime Daviau


It Becomes Her by IsaB cheren

It Becomes her

Cupidon by Rose


In the Sky with Diamonds by Anik Ulrik

In The Sky With Diamods

The Rack by Adachi Omizu

# 081 – ” THE RACK…”

Crown by Euridice Qork


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