SL Calendar 2016 – The Final Twelve

This time last year I started a new venture after reading a blog post on Strawberry Singh’s blog post to do something different in 2016. I started the SL Calendar Girls Flickr Group and said that every month I would choose my personal favourite photographs and publish them here on my blog. At the end of the year I would choose the twelve photographs that would represent the year.

Since I started this the support and amazing talent that has jumped on board has been extraordinary and I encourage everyone to check out, and join the group to see all the photos added over the last year. When I choose the final December selection there were over 9000 photographs that had been added to the pool and it’s been one of the highlights of my month to go through each new one to choose the Calendar month selection.  It’s been an even tougher job to choose just one image from the previous 12 months to finalise the Calendar of 2016 but here they are – the final 12 representing each month of the year:

January 2016 – Harmony by ROSE


February 2016 – Sweet Melody by ROSE

Douce mélodie / sweet melody

March 2016 – The Last of Her Kind by Pharin Wilde

The Last of Her Kind.

April 2016 – Caruso by Nime Daviau

May 2016 – Shady by Viola Rookswood

088. Shady

June 2016 – Warm Water by Arwen Clarity

Warm Water

July 2016 – Put Your Shades on by Bethy

July #13 Put your Shades on

August 2016 – Waiting by Cataleya Ewing

September 2016 – I would like to but I can not by Trudina Foxtrot

i would like to, but I can not.........

October 2016 – Jump into your racing car shout Sugar Rush by Monstah von Schweetz

November 2016 – Momma see’s all and knows all by Ric Applewhyte

Momma see's all and knows all

December 2016 – Little Wing by Pan Aeon

Little Wing ♥

If you’d like to see the individual monthly posts for follow the links below:

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