Bohemian Rhapsody


I’m pretty much lost for words at the moment with everything going on in the world over the last few days. Like many I’m glad I have the escape of Second Life where I have always believed that due to the nature of the fact that we’re a global virtual community we are far more tolerant of people of different ethnicities, faiths, backgrounds and sexual identities than ourselves. The intolerance, the violence, the anger and hatred is just so far beyond my comprehension that I don’t even know where to start with my thought processes about it.  The world I want for my children seems to be getting further beyond grasp than closer and this saddens me greatly. After everything history has taught us we really should be doing better.

About the Stuff:

So back to SL and my idea of a bohemian utopia! Indie Teepee is now open!!! It’s the season for the very best in annual events with Summerfest drawing to a close, Indie Teepee flinging up the tents and Hair Fair just around the corner too. This post is packed with items from indie teepee stores and if you don’t know what Indie Teepee is then let me assure you it is NOT first and foremost a shopping event but there is a huge choice of items and free gifts to pick up at the event.

My look of the day is inspired by the Luas Summer Vibes Gacha with the clothing items being the common items in Maitreya and Slink versions and the jewelry comprising of headpiece, bracelets and body chain being the RARES.  Total stroke of luck that the elua Willow hair at the event works perfectly with it too.

Decor wise the shot is taken on the Soy  Summer Lakeside Retreat – Old Shanty Boat. which is packed full of details and extras included and as always with Soy is super high quality. unKindness goes all hippy on us and I love it when they do that! The in tunes benches come with or without blanked and packed full of single and cute couple animations (PG) Everything you see featured is from Indie Teepee and is listed below and it’s just the tip of the indie iceberg so make sure you check it out from today onward!


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Catwa – Jessica

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Estee Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

*Hair – +elua+ – Willow **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*Skirt – Luas Summer Vibes Gacha **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*Top – Luas Summer Vibes Gacha **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*Jewelry – Luas Summer Vibes Gacha RARES **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*Pose – An Lar – Hermia Series **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*Soy. Summer Lakeside Retreat : Old Shanty Boat **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*unKindness – In Tuned Bench Blanket Celestial **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*brocante. pinned tapestry / midsummer **NEW** at Indie Teepee

* BALACLAVA!! TeePee Incense Burner **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*BALACLAVA!! Wall Mount Cigarbox Ukulele **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*floorplan. photo box – Indee Teepee Gift **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*::KKs:: boho life – mandala pillows (no pose) **NEW** at Indie Teepee

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