SL Calendar Girls July 2016

I run a small Flickr group called SL Calendar Girls and each month  I highlight my personal favourite pictures from the group in a blog post.  The group is growing fast and it gets ever harder to choose my favourites each month but as August has already started here are my fave pics from July’s additions to the group.

At the end of the year I will select one picture from each month to form a ‘Calendar’ of my favourites.

July Bonus Thai by Bethy

July #Bonus Thai

Bathing Aingeal by Diabhals Aingeal

Two Wolves Inside Us All by Ric Applewhyte

Two wolves inside us all

How Many People Can you Count on by Ever After

How Many People Can You count On?

I Look at You and See All of Me by Mia Foxdale

I look at you and see all of me

Summer Picnic by Coqueta Georgia El ático de Sl

Only Love Can Reach the Shore to Heaven by Mia Foxdale

Only love can reach the shore to heaven.....

In the Middle of an Ordinary Life by Stellagraphics

Guardian Angel be like… by Grace Sixpence

Guardian Angel be like....

Athena by Nessie Ryan


The Girl with Butterflies by Rose

the girl with butterflies


Laughter by Bethy

July #15 Laughter

Princess Morio by Gumi and Mori Button

Princessa Morio

If I could Save Time in a Bottle by Coqueta Georgia El ático de Sl

If I could save time in a bottle ...

Put Your Shades on by Bethy

July #13 Put your Shades on

Lost in a Technicolour Phase by Hara

Lost in a technicolor phase

Hell Hath no Fury by Pretty Parkin

Hell Hath No Fury

Midnight by Bell Sophie

Midnight ☪

Thora by Salt & Pepper


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