SL Calendar Girls – September 2016

I run a (no longer small) Flickr group called SL Calendar Girls. Every month I choose my personal favourite photos that have been posted to the group to showcase here in here in the blog. At the end of the year I will choose one photograph from each month to form a ‘calendar’ of sorts of my favourite photographs.

Since I started this the support and amazing talent that has jumped on board has been extraordinary and I encourage everyone to check out, and join the group to see all the photos added for the month. It’s getting harder and harder every month to select just a few to show here.


I can not answer your questions – by Trudina Foxtrot

I can not answer your questions.......

and it hurts with every heartbeat by Sanne Ellis

In it  hurts  with every heartbeat

29.09.16 by Grace Sixpence


Sept- Floating by Bethy


Don’t tap on the glass – Monstah Asturias

Pretty Girl Rock – Superstars by Jinx Piers

{Pretty Girl Rock} Superstars

I would like to but I can not by Trudina Foxtrot

Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale – Pretty Parkin

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.

Endless Effort, Endless Humility, Endless Modesty by Pretty Parkin

Endless effort, endless humility, endless modesty.

new look by Cataleya Ewing look

Would you? by Bianca Petrov

Would You ;)

Flower Girl by Vallianique

Flower girl

Sweet Surrender by Gumi and Mori Button

Sweet Surrender

Me by Arwen Clarity

Me ♡

Cupcake Fight by Bethy

Sept16_Cupcake Fight

fuck with myself  by Sadystika Sabretooth

fuck with myself

This mess we’re in by Pan Aeon

This mess we're in ...

Feeling by Coqueta Georgia


Hello by Eden Skaði

Titanium by Arwen Clarity


Ready for the Weekend by Ric Applewhyte

Ready for the weekend


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