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There’s been on much chatter this week on social media about the relationship between bloggers and designers and also the requirements for blogging for each store. I’ve kept reasonably quiet on most of the posts, not because I don’t agree or I do but because there will always be someone who does or doesn’t and I’m too busy just doing my own thing frankly.  But hey, this is my blog and I am not limited to a precise response and I can explain more fully my thoughts on a subject.

The actual part of the conversation I want to address is blog requirements. The absolute golden rule to remember is that the designers rules for their bloggers are absolutely at their discretion and NEVER up for discussion. You don’t like them then don’t apply. You don’t think you can meet them then don’t apply. Don’t like rules at all then don’t apply. It’s absolutely your right not to.

So, what do you do when the requirements from different creators can be so varied that it would be impossible to be a blogger that everyone will want? It took me a while but accepting that I will not be the right blogger for every store I want to blog for was a massive change in thought process for me. I am not the Goldilocks of bloggers…there isn’t always going to be a middle option that is always ‘just right’.  I had to get myself into the mindset to the point where I realised that I had to make my blog, my photographs, my reviews, my editorials and articles to please just one person…me! Of course I hope other people like them, I hope they read them, I hope they interact with me and feel engaged in the content of my blog but not everyone will. Shock horror! Yes, I get terribly disappointed when I’ve applied for a store and I don’t get selected. I’ve often wished that I could ask for feedback but actually would I change what I do? Possibly, after all we can all learn from constructive criticism but if it was something fundamental to the way I blog then no, I probably wouldn’t.

I read a friend post the other day about the stages one goes through when rejected as a blogger  – all of which are natural human emotions. I went through all of those several times over a few months ago and it really kicked my confidence until I again realised…You can’t please all of the people all of the time and as long as I please myself and then my readers first I just have to hope that when I do apply for a store they like what they see too.


About the Stuff:

Regular readers will know I don’t change my skin very often…I’m a fussy duck when it comes to my pixel pores! I loved the clean look of the Deetalez Kimberly Catwa applier at Tres Chic this round. It comes with 3 eyeliner options and a great way to apply lip colours!!!

My outfit is also mainly from Tres Chic with the Belle Epoque romper style body. It’s available in 6 colours and in a Maitreya fit only and i do like the addition of the tassles. I paired the oufit up with legwarmers from Zenith, also from Tres Chic. With these you buy for your specific body type and it comes with Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Venus. They each come with a colour change hud to adapt and mix and match to your choice of outfits and they do look super adorable. The moral of this story is if you haven’t been to Tres Chic this round you really need to get over there before the 10th of October.


Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – Deetalez Maitreya Applier and Kimberly Catwa applier **NEW** at Tres Chic

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Hair – Truth Hair – Tyne **NEW** at Uber

*Necklace – Empyrean Forge – Breccia Necklace **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

*Outfit – Belle Epoque – Ibbie **NEW** at Tres Chic

Legwarmers – =Zenith= – Vintage Lace Legwarmer **NEW** at Tres Chic

Wings – =Zenith= – Feather Wings

Horns – =Zenith= – Muted Coven Horn

*Particles – Coles Corner – Glamour Glitter and Infinite Halo

Poses – Vibe – various

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