I Am Woman!


Last time I wore this hair I did a picture called ‘If I were a Boy’ which was based on the lyrics from the Beyonce song of the same name.  At the time of taking that picture back then I was very focussed on how people treat other people and how they might change their behaviour if the boot were on the other foot. Over the last year, as I’ve ‘recovered’ from a particularly nasty situation,  I’ve taken more to the view that it’s not about how other people behave but how we let ourselves be treated.

People tend to show glimmers of their true nature quite early on in a friendship/relationship and those warning signs and flags should never be ignored. How many times have we heard someone say that the signs were there but they were outweighed by lots of good stuff going on too so they ignored them? I know…I did that too. The truth now for me is that a red flag about a persons nature is NEVER outweighed by any other aspects of their behaviour or the dynamic of your friendship with that person.  If someone lets the mask slip a little and their ‘douche’ shows through, even if just for a split second, and it results in making me feel disrespected or belittled, or just makes me feel uncomfortable then that is enough for me to just walk away from that situation.

I don’t fear saying ‘bye felicia’ to the ‘wrong’ people and trust my gut instincts about how I feel. I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman.

About the Stuff:

I was toying with doing a front and back shot for the jacket I’m wearing from Eclipse because it has beautiful detailing which adds a lot to the look and plus the butt looks a-may-zing in the shorts…but I seem to be putting my butt out there a little too much lately! The items are new at Tres Chic from E-Clipse and come in a range of colours and in fits for all three Belleza bodies, Slink Original and Hourglass and Maitreya Lara (worn).


Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Werra  Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Hair – Lamb – Wolf

Outfit – E-Clipse Design – Obscura Jacket and Shorts **NEW** at Tres Chic

Boots – REIGN – Thigh High Sneakers

Pose – Vibe

Location – The Dive – Blithe

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