Not Sidney Who….Sydney AUSTRALIA!


You’d have to be of a certain age and probably a Brit to understand the title of today’s post. It goes back to a 1980’s British Telecom TV advertisement for international direct dialing…specifically promoting calling Australia.  It advertised that you could call Australia for £2.97 for 3 minutes that would be around £10 now. It really doesn’t feel like it was that long ago but thank goodness for technologies such as Skype and FaceTime for being able to keep in touch with friends and family around the globe at the touch of a button.


All at 6 Republic:


not so bad . AUSTRALIA wooden cube

Ariskea {Australia} Olive twigs

Ariskea {Australia} Australia Sign

Ariskea {Australia} Ladder

Ariskea {Australia} Orchid Plant

Ariskea {Australia} Memory of Life

.UNTITLED. dj booth

.UNTITLED. mixer

.UNTITLED. turntable

.UNTITLED. vinyl open box

LeP – Guitar Stand

IDEZA – Indus Wall Light

Toro. Draft Beer Neon Sign

Toro. Corndog

Toro. Cheesy Wraps

Toro. Hamburger + Fries

Toro. Glue Bar Sign




BALACLAVA!! Wine Bottle

BALACLAVA!! Wine Glass for Red

BALACLAVA!! Wine Crate w/6 bottles

BALACLAVA!! Boxed White Wine

BALACLAVA!! Boxed Red Wine

-David Heather-Austri Vase

-David Heather-Austri Camera

-David Heather-Austri Laptop

Also used:

E.V.E Koi Glitter Puffs

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