The Treasure in the Attic


I gave myself a wee bit of a blogger challenge for this picture. I wanted to see if I could come up with an image, based on the attic theme, that solely had products from one store. The store I wanted to use was Fancy Decor…as I had some items I needed to blog them and because it was a discussion with my friend, and the creator of the brand, Jake Vordun, that gave me the idea.  As I was rezzing out the items it really struck me how so many of the items worked together so perfectly and gave the attic room a real sense of halcyon days of yesteryear but in with some fabulous modern touches.


Fancy Decor: Classic Console **NEW** at FaMESHed

Fancy Decor: Carriage Clock **NEW** at FaMESHed

Fancy Decor: Bouillotte Lamp **NEW** at FaMESHed

Fancy Decor: Landscape with Cows **NEW** at FaMESHed

Fancy Decor: French Landscape **NEW** at FaMESHed

All other items listed below available at the Fancy Decor Mainstore:

Fancy Decor: Crystal Candelstick

Fancy Decor: Louis Chair

Fancy Decor: Floor Candelabra (gacha)

Fancy Decor: Monkey Music Box (gacha)

Fancy Decor: Letter and Rose Petals (gacha)

Fancy Decor: Model Ship

Fancy Decor: Dutch Ship Scene

Fancy Decor: Letter Box (gacha)

Fancy Decor: Stamp Box (gacha)

Fancy Decor: Postcard Bundle (gacha)

Fancy Decor: Edward Bookcase

Fancy Decor: Teapot

Fancy Decor: Stacked Plates

Fancy Decor: Teacup

Fancy Decor: Phantom’s Organ (gacha)

Fancy Decor: Incense Urn

Fancy Decor: Floor Globe

Fancy Decor: Moderno Table

Fancy Decor: Chain Candle

Fancy Decor: Sun-bleached Rug

Fancy Decor: Rustic Rug

Fancy Decor: Crystal Chandelier

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