Slip Sliding Away


Sunday is the day I like to have a think about the week past and the week ahead. I had yet another of my Monday morning conversations with someone. The conversation always starts with the other person thinking I’m joking or being sarcastic about liking Mondays. Then there’s incredulity at the realisation that I mean it. It’s so easy to fall into the mindset of hating Monday, especially if you don’t particularly like your job, but, as I’ve said before you’re not going to like your job anymore but already putting yourself in a negative frame of mind before you even get there on Monday morning.  The only person you’re spoiling Monday for is yourself.  I’m also a morning person. I like to get up early and achieve things and I’m most productive and alert first thing. The combination of Monday and morning is actually, for me, one of the most positive times of the week.

I am a believer in the power of positive thinking and a positive mental attitude. I look for the silver lining in almost every situation and I know from past experience that inevitably I can look back at almost any negative situation in my life and see a positive that came out of it. Some of those would have been really hard to imagine at the time, when in the depths of unhappiness it’s very hard to believe that there can be any good that comes from a situation.

I can already think of some very positive changes and surprises that came my way at the beginning of last week so give it a go tomorrow…wake up and think “yesssss! Monday!!! time to leave behind last week and kick ass for the week ahead!”. You never know what delights Monday may have in store for you this week.

About the Stuff:

The best thing about Black Friday was that Uber opened the same day and as everyone was tp’g around the grid grabbing bargains it was a lot easier to get into than usual for day one of the event. I picked up the Kitja dress and sweater combo with the tied hands because it looked so damn cozy but even without the sweater the dress is stunning too. There are two colour ‘fatpacks’ for the dress and one for the sweater and it’s made to fit Belleza Freya and Isis, Slink Hourglass and Original and Maitreya Lara (worn).

If you haven’t ever been to The Forest event it’s definitely worth a look and this month Wasabi Pills have released the Aspen hair pictured above. Aspen comes with a scarf attached or separately that you can mix and match via texture to hud to your current outfit.  At The Forest you pay once to join the group and then you can pick up all the items included in the event but you can see them first. Browse around and see what’s up for offer and then make the choice if you join to buy them. It’s a good deal especially when there’s a fatpack of hair like this up for grabs as part of the deal.


Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – League Maitreya applier and Ella Head applier

Eyes – IKON – Triumph Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

*Face Add-on – Izzie’s Snow Face **NEW** at Tannenbaum

*Hair – Wasabi Pills – Aspen **NEW** at The Forest

Top – Kitja – Aurelia Sweater **NEW** at Uber

Boots – Reign – Anaiya Boots **Anniversary Gift*

*Pose – Poseidon – Poseidon Ride n Slide Sled **NEW** at Tannenbaum


Blueberry – Holidays Gift – Sky Version Winter Cabin *2015 VIP Gift*

*Bee Designs – Snow Couple **NEW** at Tannenbaum

*SAYO – Twig & Light Wreath **NEW** at Tannenbaum

*{vespertine}- gilded door sign **NEW** at Tannenbaum

*Botanical – Douglas Fir Christmas Tree for Tannenbaum

*Disorderly  – Xmas Treats – Cocoa Ornament – Various **NEW** at Tannenbaum

*Disorderly – Xmas Treats – Glass Cocoa Ornament – Various **NEW** at Tannenbaum

*Disorderly – Xmas Treats – Milk and Cookies Ornament **NEW** at Tannenbaum

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