The Calm Before the Storm


As it is for a lot of people, it’s my last day at rl work today until the New Year and I am so completely and utterly ready for the break. The first few days won’t really be much of a break with last minute preparations for Christmas and then two solid days of visiting family needing to be fed and watered. There’s lots to look forward to over the coming days and some things I’m not. I’m excited about having young children around for the first time in year as my daughters boyfriends are bringing their children over on Boxing Day. I’m nervous about how my stepmother will cope. She has Alzheimer’s and even though she’s still only in her mid 60’s the last 12 months have seen a rapid decline in capacity to comprehend her surroundings and the people around her. My father and stepmother live in a remote village in Cornwall, hundreds of miles away from my sister and I, and we only get to see them a couple of times a year. I am happy that my Dad will get to spend time talking and socialising over the few days he’ll be here as I know he feels quite isolated when they are at home.

Second Life is always busier than many of us expect. I remember years ago a friend of mine saying that no one would be online on Christmas Day and she couldn’t have been more wrong. The connection people have in Second Life means we often value those friendships just as much as any real life friendship and sometimes even more. A lot of us, even those of us that have lots of real life family and friends around us for Christmas will still want to spend some time with their loved ones in our virtual environment too.  However, for some, Second Life will be the only source of company and friendship this Christmas. In addition, of course, there will be lots of people on SL where 25th December is just a normal day as they do no celebrate Christmas. With all the bad feeling and negativity that the world has endured throughout 2016 it’s never been more important to remember that to be kind because everyone is fighting their own battles and no one really knows the situation of the person behind the keyboard or screen.

If you’re rushing around finishing last minute Christmas tasks and shopping, or whatever you’re doing, stay safe, calm and remember it will all be over in a few days and if you don’t get everything done it’s not the end of the world.


Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – League Maitreya applier and Ella Head applier

Eyes – IKON – Triumph Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears Season 2

*Hair – Wasabi Pills – Chiyomi **NEW** at The Forest

Jacket – Pixicat – Puffer Jacket **NEW** at N21

Pants – Pixicat – Linn Cargo Pants

Boots – Reign – Moon Boots RARE Gacha


..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Desk

..::THOR::.. Wood Letters Holder

..::THOR::.. Vintage Desk  Lamp

..::THOR::.. Cup Of Coffee

..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Chair

..::THOR::.. Licking Red Cat *GIFT*

*Serenity Style – Ready for Xmas Work

=Eli Baily= Bletchley Typewriter_Pink

.random.Matter. – Nerd Haven – Poster [Healer]

*Serenity Style- A bit of me- Light Nest **NEW** at The Fantasy Collective

junk. little white cabinet. books.

junk. money plant.

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