Make a Ginger smile day!

Check out Kobie’s post about how they all got together to surprise me for my birthday (which is tomorrow actually but I’ll be offline) so they got me early! Such a great night!!! Huge Thank you to all of my friends that organised it, kidnapped me and came along! ❤ I love the total bits out of these people ❤

The Shizzle \o/


Yesterday was officially make a ginger smile day! The ginger we picked to make smile was Kess, ok it was her birthday but the title got ya interest and actually it was global toast day!  so where better to hold a birthday party that WholeWheat.Grace got busy earlier in the week and scored WholeWheat for the venue and kidnapped Saintless Larnia to sing. I haven’t heard her before and I have to say her Alanis Morrisette cover was epic. To finish up the stellar lineup Dj Rom jumped out of retirement and his set had my toes tapping! All the cunts jumped onboard and did various bits n bobs to make kess’s day go with a bang. Her very own gay”corban” kept her well looked after until everything was ready.


The party was held on the reflections build at WholeWheat and is funky, seriously if any of you have not checked…

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