World, Shut Your Mouth!

I don’t know about you but if I wasn’t blogging or doing social media marketing for other SL businesses I’m fairly sure I’d not be logging in to ‘SL Facebook’ much these days. Forget SL Secrets or The Whisperer THE top place for snidy, underhand, bitchiness IS Facebook and the majority of it is from people that should know better. If you’re a blogger or designer YOU are your brand and everything you do or say in a public forum reflects on you.  There are stores I no longer buy from because of the constant airing of their dirty laundry on Facebook and there are designers who my respect and admiration has increased tenfold for because I never see that kind of drama from them.

I’ve worked for people where my role as a PR person has become more damage control than promotion and it’s incredibly stressful. The attitude of staff throughout the organisation comes from the top down. How can you expect your CSR’s to be respectful and professional when you can’t? I have an opinion on pretty much every one of the recent copybot or copying scandals…you won’t hear me say what it is though.  My opinion is of no value to the argument. It’s not going to change anything. The only person that would be affected by my sharing my opinion publicly would be me.

You have two ears and one mouth….use them in that proportion.



About the Stuff:

So much good stuff so little time!!!  E-Clipse Design has several new releases at various events around SL at present. The one I’m wearing today is from Kinky event which opens a few days ago.  This item comes in a one piece body outfit and separate cuffs for the left and right wrist. It comes in a choice of three colours, black, red and white and in fits for Belleza Freya and Isis, Slink Hourglass and Original and Maitreya Lara.

The rings I’m wearing are also a new release from RealEvil for Chapter Four but as I haven’t done a close up photo I will be blogging them again very soon! But, for those of us wanting a new set of rings for our Bento Vista fingers these are totally perfect!


Head – Lelutka – Simone 2.5 Bento

Skin – Lara Hurley and Iza Lelutka Applier

Hands – Vista – Bento Prohands

Rings – Vista– Absolut Vendetta – Hydra Rings

Piercings – Swallow – Bollywood

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5

Tattoo – Letis Tattoo – Shaula Unukalhai

*Rings – RealEvil – Luxy Rings **NEW** at The Chapter Four

*E-Clipse Design – EvE Outfit and Cuffs **NEW** at Kinky Event

Hair – Tram – F1107

*Background and Pose – WetCat & Lemon  **NEW** at FaMESHed

4 thoughts on “World, Shut Your Mouth!

      1. What annoys me the most is that everyone has such a strong opinion on some matters they have no clue about. And it’s usually fake cause it’s about a lot of ass kissing. I have started removing toxic people like that from my friends list. It does help 😀


  1. I started clicking unfollow so I couldn’t see some of the nonsense.
    She who I brought over last night to Blithe, so she could have som efun (whose name I wonts say )has really suffered some god damn awful things said about her by those gossip sites. I cannot believe the vile and venom I see penned. And all of it untrue.
    Certainly ignoring people and pressing the mute then lowers their stage they aspire to sit on. I think if we all do that then they can sit alone in their vast auditoriums with their handful of misguided followers and maybe re think the nastiness they portray.
    Maybe go find another life somewhere else.
    Well said Kess!

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