In League with Lelutka

The Skin Fair is still super busy and it’s a challenge to get in but there is so much good stuff to pick up when you do. There are several new head releases to try out with numerous skins from well known creators as well as some less high profile. Both of the items I’m featuring today are from two of Second Life’s longest established and highly regarded creators.

When Bento released I held off for a long while to consider what I wanted and finally settled on the Lelutka Simone so I was excited to see the differences that could be achieved with the Lelutka Cate which was released at The Skin Fair. Going through the skins available I found myself drawn to League. I’ve been a long time fan of League and you really do get your money’s worth when you buy a League Skin. They always come with a number of difference options – freckles, eye make ups, lipsticks, contouring, eyebrows etc as well as continuing to release other additional make up packs you can purchase.  The skins are beautifully detailed and have a little maturity to them and the body appliers come with several cleavage options as well as a couple of different options for your ‘lady garden’.

The Lelutka Cate has a rounder eye shape, fuller lips and a wider nose bridge than when I wear my bento shape from the Simone. Simone is softer and even though the skin always makes a big difference I felt I looked ‘fiercer’ in the Cate than I do with my Simone head. Both are ideal for different circumstances and looks. It’s a beautiful head and comes with the full range of Lelutka animations and of course the great ongoing support of the Lelutka brand. If you’re in the market for a new mesh head or maybe you’ve only tried one of the other bento releasing brands I urge you to give it a try!

Here’s a completely unedited close!



*Head – Lelutka Cate **NEW** at The Skin Fair

*Skin & Head Applier – League – Amala **NEW** at The Skin Fair

*Outfit – E-Clipse Design – Zelda Jacket and Pants

Eyes – Ikon – Triumph

Hair – Tram – F1124

Piercings – Swallow – Bollywood Septum Ring

Location – Junktown

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