I Am Not Afraid

Not only am I British, I’m English. Not only am I English but I’m a Londoner. I live just outside London now but it’s my home city and like every right minded Briton, English person and Londoner I am not afraid. I listened to a radio show today that talked about that exact sentiment. Why aren’t we more afraid and it’s really simple in my mind. If you are terrorised by terrorists they have won. If you change your habits or you treat your friends and neighbours differently…they have won.  What happened in London was vile and sickening but what was also sickening to me was the reaction of the hatemongers or as I like to call them the ‘scaredycats’.  Those that rushed off to appear on (mainly) Fox News to further their careers by spewing completely unrepresentative drivel. Don’t be under any illusions Katie Hopkins was using the attack to score points and further her career. She does not represent the views of the vast majority of Britons.

The rest of us that haven’t been radicalised by irrational fear will continue to do what we have always done. We’ll hold our heads high, look terror in the face and tell them that they will not scare us into hating our neighbours because of the colour of their skin or their faith. We have the good sense not to fall for their bullshit. As long as the good and the sane continue to keep things in proportion and stand up against the hatred, on both sides, terrorists can’t win. I am a Londoner and I am not afraid.

And now for something much fun and lighter!

About the Stuff:

You have just a couple more days left to get over to The Skin Fair. There’s two sims jam packed with skins, tattoos, mesh heads and make up to check out and obviously it’s way quieter now than it was when it opened.

Today I am wearing a skin from a store I have never tried before !Imabee. I’m as guilty as most of sticking to the brands I know best and love so I was delighted when I tried this on and loved it! The skin is called Atara and it comes in three shades. I’m wearing the darkest shade so as you can see it’s quite a light skin. I’ve added eyeliner and lipstick from the standard Lelutka palette.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Lelutka Simone

*Skin – !Imabee Atara **NEW** at The Skin Fair

Eyes – IKON – Triumph

Hands – Vista Animations – Bento Prohands

Tattoo – PurpleMoon Creations – Spring Tattoo **NEW** at The Skin Fair

Hair – Tram – F1228

Flowers – Dead Dollz – Koibito Flowers **NEW** at Re Japonica

Outfit – Cerberus Xing – Sultry Kunoichi **NEW** at Re Japonica

*Particles – Cole’s Creations – Song of Sakura **NEW** at Kawaii Project

Pose – Entangled Poses– Freyja

Location – ChouChou

4 thoughts on “I Am Not Afraid

  1. Yupp, Londoner’s are still doing what we’ve always done, we’re getting on with our lives, getting on with our fellow citizens – and cherishing our differences.
    Always have done, always will do.

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  2. For me, I am afraid, I fear that one day I will not be so lucky to be kept from this onslaught of hate, I fear I won’t be lucky enough to avoid being touched in some way by a terror attack, be it personal injury or death, or the loss of someone I care about, its not about hating people for me, but it is scary for me that these people who do this type of injustice to just everyday folk going about their day, are part of our own society and sick people fill their minds with their hatred and agenda and make them become a vessel of stupid to act out the impulses of individuals who pull the puppet strings… I am scared for the vulnerable and easily led kids and adults who let this kind of hatred infest them enough to act on it and take out as many innocent lives as they can. I admire that you are not afraid, but it scares the actual shit out of me. Beautiful post though sugarbosoms! ❤


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