I Am Not Afraid

I Am Not Afraid

Not only am I British, I'm English. Not only am I English but I'm a Londoner. I live just outside London now but it's my home city and like every right minded Briton, English person and Londoner I am not afraid. I listened to a radio show today that talked about that exact sentiment. Why [...]

All Around Me are Familiar Faces

All Around Me are Familiar Faces

My sister and I are like chalk and cheese. There is a 7, almost 8, year age gap between us and the circumstances we were brought up in were very different. My parents were stricter with me and financially they were struggling which is part of why they waited 7 years before having another child. [...]

There’s Something Not Quite Right At Peatonville Asylum…and it’s scares me!

Peatonville Asylum is the latest game from MadPea and launches to the public on the 9th October and runs through til the end of November. This grid wide adventure game will have you chasing down and searching the grid for answers to the clues but you will be well rewarded for your efforts. If you [...]

Mainstore Monday – AlterEgo & Spellbound

Every Monday I blog a Mainstore Monday meme featuring two mainstores from around the grid. The purpose of this is to redress the balance a little between event shopping and mainstores shopping and show some examples of great mainstores, ideas, sims and places to blog and share with your friends. I love shopping events and [...]

Just Keep Turning Corners in the Maze of Life

This week I have turned many a corner and I know I have many more ahead of me but I am moving forward. Mentally, Emotionally and Physically I am saying goodbye to pain and the people that caused that pain and I am welcoming new people into my life with a reserved happiness. The walls [...]

The Tranquility of Realising I Wasn’t Born to Climb Trees

  You've probably heard the phrase 'Jack-of-all-Trades, Master of None'. It refers to people that have a lot of different skills, and are very good at all of them but don't excel any one single thing. I've always found this is to be quite a negative phrase and didn't truly understand why. Not only why [...]

“Illusion is the First of All Pleasures”

One of the things I love about my 'jobs' in Second Life is getting to explore and visit places in Second Life. Usually that's because I am scouting for photo spots but yesterday myself and the team at MadPea went on a Field Trip. We were looking for some new sims and decided to go [...]