Rest and Be Thankful

One man’s rest is another man’s work. We all find different ways to relax and chill out and what works for one isn’t always what is going to work for another. I have a friend that is constantly telling me I need to take more breaks, chill out and enjoy SL. What he doesn’t get is that I already DO enjoy Second Life…to it’s fullest! I absolutely love my Second Life it’s varied, busy, interesting and full of amazing people that I adore. What I wouldn’t enjoy is hanging at a club for 10 hours a day listening to the same music style and occasionally popping into local chat to let off a few gestures just to make sure people know that I am not afk. I’m not knocking it – if that is how you want to spend your Second Life then that is absolutely your prerogative. I am not saying that you can’t be happy with that lifestyle I am saying that I can’t!


*Cheeky Pea – Natalie Patio Building **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea –  Natalie Patio Sofa  **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea –  Natalie Patio Chair  **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea –  Natalie Mirror **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea –  Natalie Table  **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea – Natalie Patio Palm Plant  **NEW** at Uber

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*Cheeky Pea – Natalie Patio Hanging Bulb Candle  **NEW** at Uber

Cheeky Pea – Easton Hanging Heart Planter

*[Merak] – Flying curtain **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

*[Merak] – Drying Chillies **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

*[Merak] – Hanging Garlic **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

*Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-Over the branch **NEW** at Project Se7en

*Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-Over the branch **NEW** at Project Se7en

*Serenity Style- Hello -Gift-Project Se7en ANNIVERSARY **NEW** at Project Se7en

*Serenity Style- Bohemian Cushions **NEW** for Deco(C)rate

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tuba Planter

[ kunst ] – Plants in jar / stand

Ariskea [Mocorra] Bushy plant

Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera

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