When it’s hard to say no

The fine line between trying too hard and getting it just right is something I’ve been struggling with for a few weeks now…well probably longer than that but it’s become apparent to me over the last few weeks. A friend referred to me as a ‘typical overachiever’ a short while back and it’s stuck in my head. My work ethic goes right back to my childhood when I tried hard to overachieve for ‘good’ attention from my parents.  I also find it extremely hard to say no to someone when I know, or think, that I can help them. I can be guilty of taking on too much and affecting the quality of my own SL experience because of it. I find that preferable to affecting someone elses. On the few occasions I have said no to something, whether that be blogging or a work project, I feel awful. Not just a little bit bad, but really awful. I am getting better at saying no, but I really need to work on the feeling so bad about it. Your suggestions, as always, are welcome if you have any tips on that!

About the Stuff:

I have a confession! Sometimes, when I blog things, I find out new information I didn’t already know that I can also then share with you. Like, for instance, I had no idea that The Dressing Room was still ongoing. TDR-Fusion, as it was known ‘back in the day’ used to be a regular on my monthly shopping routine, and, I’m not even sure why I didn’t think it was still a thing but I’m really happy to find out it is. How did I make this discovery? Because the dress I am wearing today from Cynful is available at the current round.  I tp’d over to the event to check it out and to make sure it was still the TDR I remember…where stores and creators could sell a retexture/recolour or a product they have previously released a  huge discount. Cynful has three new colour options of the super sexy Tangled dress available at the event at a discounted price of L$99 and there’s still lots of customisation options to change the colours and textures on the metals, the outline, strings and undies!


Head – Lelutka – Simone 2.7 Bento

Skin – Lara Hurley and Iza Lelutka Applier

Hands – Vista Prohands

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Piercings -^^Swallow^^ Bollywood Septum Ring & Piercings

*Rings – RealEvil – Elektra Nails & Rings

*Hair – Wasabi Pills – Avery **NEW** at The Chapter Four

*Shoes – NOIR – Sophie Heels **NEW** at Kinky Event

*Dress – [Cynful] Tangled Dress at The Dressing Room

*Pose – Entangled Poses – Hermione **NEW** Mainstore Release

SAYO – Biscayne Backdrops – Selfie **NEW** at N21

4 thoughts on “When it’s hard to say no

  1. I know exactly what you mean, Kess! I have no suggestions really, as I do exactly the same thing. On the odd occasions I have said ‘no’ it’s always been a ‘no… but maybe in a week’s time’. *laughs* hopeless!

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  2. I used to be just the same Kess, but in recent years I’ve found it easier. I just take a little time to think about things first and get a feeling for if it’s something I can’t miss doing, or if it’s something that would be detrimental to my life or current commitments. If it’s too much I explain as honestly as possible and sometimes suggest an alternative to the asker. You get in the way of saying ‘yes’ to everything and end up burning out cus you are exhausted! Still, you’re a classic busy bee, as I’m always saying ❤


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