On my Shopping list…

Although it’s a fairly well known quirk of mine to love Mondays…I do love a Friday too. As I use Monday to look forward to what can be achieved in the week ahead, Friday is the day when you look back and give yourself a pat on the back for everything you completed and achieved.  This week has been pretty productive for me in both lives, as far as work goes anyway. The things I’ve slacked off on, as usual, are real life personal things…a few phone calls and things to sort out like booking a hotel for a weekend away for a wedding. Those will need to be caught up on over the weekend.

I’m a list-maker! I start each day with a list and have a notepad and pen by the side of me all day, every day, to continue to add things to the list. Of course, the best thing is putting a line through a completed item and seeing the list get smaller…though I rarely finish my list each day completely. There is always something more to do in SL, and in real life, and I have to admit, I struggle to understand when people say they are bored in SL.  There is so much to do if you look and much of it can be very horizon broadening….and of course, there’s always shopping!


JIAN Chicken Coop **NEW** at FaMESHed

JIAN Chicken Nest **NEW** at FaMESHed

hive // animated classic tv w/ antenna **NEW** at Rewind

–ANHELO-M30SR-174GA :: sidecar motorcycle **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Vintage Workbench **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Old Genoa Photo Holder **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Vintage Workshop Sideboard **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Old Industrial Chair **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Wood Toolbox **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Airbrush **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Wood Planer **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Old Column Drill **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Mixed Tools Series **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Old Trellis Lights **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Model Kit Box **NEW** at 6 Republic

..::THOR::.. Camp Stoves

..::THOR::.. Harvest Stool

Kalopsia – Crates Shelf

Serenity Style– Vintage Tricycle Green

JIAN Chicken Collection :: Wanderer

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