The Road Less Traveled

The main reason I started blogging a couple of years ago was as an outlet for a lot of difficult to deal with emotions that I couldn’t express to anyone in Second Life. I recognised that I needed to process them somehow and my blog became an outlet. I’m fast approaching the 2 year mark for my blog, and those of you that have been on the journey with me probably recognise that I’m quite a different person internally to the one that wrote those first few posts.

There are still some things that I haven’t dealt with that I would like to change about how I deal with things. I’m still the person that bottles things up in rl and sl. I’m still the person that doesn’t express how I feel either because of fear of confrontation or fear of hurting someone else. I’ve often wished that I could put myself first more often but fear being thought of as selfish. I’ve seen memes on Instagram or Facebook reminding me that it’s not selfish to put yourself, and your needs, first. That part of me that wants to please everyone as much as possible always takes control of those decisions.

About the Stuff:

I’ve set myself a little personal target of integrating more video and video blogs in my SL blogging and the new Mercantile Bookshelf set from Apple Fall was a perfect opportunity. The set of bookshelves comes with a brand new alignment system to help you rez and set up the furniture. The easiest way to explain is to show you!

TMD opened for it’s Anniversary event this week and Ariskea have again teamed up with The Den to produce the Frank set. Now, I know TMD is mainly aimed at males but I’m not shifting from this chair for no man…or woman. I love this and it’s definitely going to be featuring in my home for a long while to come.

6 Republic is open for just under a week and is well worth finding the time for! There’s both decor and fashion items available at the event this time around and there’s a European Cities theme and there’s lots of items in this scene that are available at the event.


Head – Lelutka – Simone 2.7 Bento

Skin – Lara Hurley and Iza Lelutka Applier

Hands – Vista Prohands

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Piercings -^^Swallow^^ Bollywood Septum Ring & Piercings

*Rings – RealEvil – Elektra Nails & Rings

*Hair – Stealthic – Jealousy

*Tank & Panties – APHORISM – Maya Panties & Tank **NEW** at FaMESHed


*..::THOR::.. Lazy Weekend Skybox

*Ariskea [Frank]  Leather Chair  **NEW** at TMD

*Ariskea [Frank] Wood  table **NEW** at TMD

*Ariskea [Frank] Motivation Frame **NEW** at TMD

*Ariskea [Frank]  Create your own Future Frame **NEW** at TMD

*Ariskea [Frank]  Road Frame **NEW** at TMD

*Ariskea [Frank]  Little Marble Bush **NEW** at TMD

*Apple Fall Mercantile Bookshelves **NEW** at FaMESHed

*[Merak] – Main Bookcase **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

*[Merak] – Bella’s Ladder **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

*BALACLAVA!! Downes Trunk Table **NEW** at 6 Republic

*BALACLAVA!! Downes Rug (Gold) **NEW** at 6 Republic

*Mori.  faux fur stool . wolf **NEW** at 6 Republic

*not so bad . PARIS .  baggage **NEW** at 6 Republic

*not so bad . PARIS . macarons **NEW** at 6 Republic

*not so bad . PARIS . champagne **NEW** at 6 Republic

*.:revival:. canvas bag brown **NEW** at 6 Republic

*Tentacio – Study the trip **NEW** at 6 Republic

*Tableau Vivant \\ WE in London – Black lamp **NEW** at 6 Republic

*Tableau Vivant \\ WE in London – White rug **NEW** at 6 Republic

*JIAN Pudgy Persians 9. White Wander Kitten **NEW** at The Gacha Garden

*JIAN Pudgy Persians 15. Siamese Grubbin’ Kitten  **NEW** at The Gacha Garden

Soy. Shag Shag Stool [Cream]

Bazar – Paris – Books

Bazar -Toronto-Living room books

Apple Fall – L’Olivier

Apple Fall Roses Box (Champagne)

Apple Fall Silver Antiqued Rabbit

Apple Fall Rusted Flour Tin

Apple Fall Comb Jar

Apple Fall Violet Glass Bottles

Cheeky Pea Falling Over Books

Fancy Decor: Chained Books

Fancy Decor: Print Books

{what next} House Plants

2 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. Kess!! What a cool vlog!!! I kept fighting the lag just to go get this set and I’m now even MORE glad that I did!!! I’ve been imagining the post for days – now I want to go home and build it just to play with the little As!! hahaha! Really – such a useful vlog – thank you so much!!

    Liked by 1 person

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