BVN Secret Santa – Tabitha Latour

I’m sure lots of you have seen the Blogger and Vlogger Network Secret Santa Blog Swaps going on around social media lately. The deadline is tomorrow and of course I’m completely last minute with mine! I’m an organised last minute person…go figure!

Anyway…without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to the blogger that I was allocated Tabitha Latour.  Now, Tabitha was a new to me blogger as I hadn’t come across her blog already but I was glad of that. The whole point of this blogger challenge is to find new bloggers and share their work with your readership.  This is Tabitha’s current profile photo in world:

Tabitha doesn’t say an awful lot about herself in her profile but does a lot better than me at promoting herself and her blog in her Second Life profile, with all her links in the front section of her profile. This is something I know I should do but, as my friends will tell you, updating my profile is something I’m always super slow to do.

I took a look at both Tabitha’s Flickr and Blog in detail and the more I looked the more glad I was that I was allocated heras my Secret Santa. it’s always a joy to find a new blogger to follow. The words that jumped into my head when looking at her blog were: Style, Class, Editorial and Fashion. One of the things I noticed is the angles of some of the photographs (something I am terrible at) but Tabitha, who is known as Artifex1 Silence on Flickr, has outstanding photos on her Flickr taken at angles that really highlight the items she’s blogging. Here’s a recent example from her feed:


Tabitha’s blog is called,  Artifex Silence, and her most recent post, titled Cold Slide,  features items from the latest round of Shiny Shabby.

Cold Slide

I enjoyed this challenge and I hope Tabitha is happy with the post. I could have contacted her before writing it as that was within the rules but I like the ‘secret’ side of Secret Santa. Plus I’m now far too busy shopping after looking through her Flickr stream!

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