Room with a view

The tiredness is real! I need this bed to just fall into and sleep til around the 28th December right now.  I managed to get some time to take a few photos over the few days which I’m hoping to get blogged before Christmas. The photos are obviously the bit that takes the longest so that’s a good start! Fingers crossed!

If, for any reason, you have not yet been to The Arcade (or Collabor88) then check out these fabulous decor items from Fancy Decor. All the details of which items are from where are in the credits listed below.


01 Fancy Decor: Miles Bed RARE **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

02 Fancy Decor: Armoire RARE  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

03 Fancy Decor: Miles Side Table  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

04 Fancy Decor: Modern Chest  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

05 Fancy Decor: Radiator Console  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

06 Fancy Decor: Hammered Mirror  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

07 Fancy Decor: Glass Lamp  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

08 Fancy Decor: Claw Lamp  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

09 Fancy Decor: Metal Sculpture  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

10 Fancy Decor: Miles Rug  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

11 Fancy Decor: Inky Artwork  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

12 Fancy Decor: Travel Clock  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

13 Fancy Decor: Catch-All  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

14 Fancy Decor: B&W Art  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

15 Fancy Decor: Arrow Curtains  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

16 Fancy Decor: Open Magazine  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

17 Fancy Decor: Miles Slippers  **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

Fancy Decor: Pillar Fireplace (white) **NEW** at Collabor88

Fancy Decor: Pillar Candles (white)  **NEW** at Collabor88

Fancy Decor: Gordon Candlestick  **NEW** at Collabor88

Fancy Decor: Wooden Box (plain lid)  **NEW** at Collabor88

cinphul // gilded [spirit] **NEW** at Chapter Four

llorisen // hedwig apartment skybox **NEW** at FaMESHed

:HAIKEI: Gave Your Love Away_GACHA / {6}

:HAIKEI: Gave Your Love Away_GACHA / {4}

:HAIKEI: Take Me Away_Gacha / {5}

:HAIKEI: Take Me Away_Gacha / {5}

:HAIKEI: Always be there_Gacha / {6}

:HAIKEI: Always be there_Gacha / {3}

:HAIKEI: Always be there_Gacha / {2}

:HAIKEI: Always be there_Gacha / {5}

:HAIKEI: Always be there_Gacha / {7}

:HAIKEI: Change Your Mind _ Gacha / {5}

:HAIKEI: Change Your Mind _ Gacha / {7}

:HAIKEI: Change Your Mind _ Gacha / {4}

NOMAD // R.C Racing Game

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