Housework is what a woman does that nobody notices unless she hasn’t done it.

Evan Esar

This quote reminded me of something I had heard on the radio this week about a son who had left home to go to University. On his first visit back home his mother asked him how he liked living in the flat he had. He told her all about how wonderful and independent it was. He then added, “but I need to work out why it’s so dusty!” His mother looked at him and replied: “How often have you needed to dust it?” He looked at her quizzically and she realised he had no idea what she was talking about. As a wife and mother, she had kept the house spick and span to the point that her sons had grown up to think that it’s just how houses are. They didn’t realise it was her doing it. The house was just always clean…it was a given and something they didn’t know could be any different.

It may have been an extreme example but we all miss things people do for us sometimes. I know I do.


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