My Summer Dreams

I love boho style items to wear and have around my house and sim so I was super delighted when I saw the Astralia release for Rewind event, which opens tomorrow, 15th June. The campfire set comes with adult and pg versions and to save anyone’s blushes let me tell you that Astralia has invested well in adult animations in all her items…I’m jus sayin! The camp area comes on a small mound of land and includes the fireplace, tent, the cushioned areas you can see and the guitar. There’s a texture change menu with 5 beautiful “Summer of Love” style textures and included in the pack is another rezzable and attachable guitar. There is an animation called ‘guitar’ which will auto add the guitar to your avatar but make sure you have sounds on and up so you can jam out to the guitar music you’ll hear!

I am going to blog the hair I’m wearing separately so if you’re after that you’ll have to wait 😛

Lastly, thank you to Zedekiah for posing with me and for not falling asleep while I made him wait aaaaaaaages for me to finish the pic.




*Astralia – Summer love campfire **NEW** at Rewind (Opens 15th June)

*unKindness – Boho Summer Chairw/Blanket Light **NEW** at FaMESHed

*unKindness – Boho Summer Table Light  **NEW** at FaMESHed

*unKindness– Boho Summer Pillow Crate Light  **NEW** at FaMESHed

[Con.] The Cuddle Camper – Blue 4

hive // boho string lights . complete

..::THOR::.. 7 – Little Bongos

..::THOR::.. 8 – Tambourine

22769 – Tea Glasses – COMMON

Heart – Wild Flowers – Garlic Mustard – White – Patch 4

Ana Poses – The View **NEW** at TMD

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