Rest is not Idleness

Rest is not Idleness is a concept I’ve struggled with all my life and I didn’t really realise how much so until the last couple of years. Even in SL, a year ago, I just couldn’t sit still. Not for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. I was brought up to always be doing something, always be working…doing nothing was lazy! It has taken me almost a year to learn how to relax and just be. Now I can sit for hours, just talking and laughing, and not start to feel my anxiety level rising.


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One thought on “Rest is not Idleness

  1. Interesting as my GF is one that cannot stand to sit around even if she is retired she has to be doing something why she got a part-time job but for me being an avid reader I can sit in one place and read for hours without feeling bad ~ my Dad did bring me up to make sure responsibilities were taken care of first, which probably why bed has to always be made LOL ~ good post am glad you are learning to relax better for you without stress ♥


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