Kind Of a Big Deal

After a crazy couple of weeks I took a couple of days off from setting up scenes and taking photos. I’m sure those that know me know why…and I certainly am not regretting taking a few days to just enjoy my personal SL time. I know a few of you had not noticed from my posts that I had been a little down and was in a hurry for September to be over. Things can change so quickly in SL. Just one conversation can reveal a past misunderstanding, or give the opportunity to apologise or tell someone how you feel about them. A few words can change everything…it’s kind of a big deal.


*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Bed **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Fireplace **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Dresser **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Screen **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Aurora Print **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria– Leona Candle Sticks Trio **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria– Lainey Mag Mirror All **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Table Lamp **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Lainey Tray All **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Jewellery Box **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Decorative Metal Horn **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Floor Vase **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Hudson Rug **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Side Table **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Lainey Vase With Peonies **NEW** at Collabor88

Loft & Aria – Eye by Media City

Loft & Aria – Model Head by reidy68

Loft & Aria – Linen Wrapped Books

MudHoney Wooden Mountain Art

MudHoney Briley Ceiling Fan

MudHoney Sanderson Console – Black

Apple Fall Books w/ Deer Head Bookends

[Commoner] The Wine Cellar / Table Wine (Red)

dust bunny. tabletop plants. monstera leaves **NEW** at Collabor88

dust bunny. tabletop plants. sword leaf **NEW** at Collabor88

dust bunny. tabletop plants. fiddle leaf branch **NEW** at Collabor88

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